‘Yellowstone’: Show Supports Recovery Efforts at ‘Namesake’ Yellowstone National Park Amid Record Flooding

by Blake Ells

On the morning of June 13, unprecedented flooding hit Yellowstone National Park. First, the park evacuated all visitors before 9:30 a.m. Then, all entrances to the park closed until further notice by noon. As of Tuesday evening, casualties are not reported.

On Tuesday, the Paramount’s Yellowstone shared its support of its namesake online.

“Yellowstone National Park is an American treasure and our show’s namesake. Please consider joining us in donating to the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, who are currently on the ground providing disaster relief and helping with recovery efforts. rlacf.org” the show posted to its social media.

The mission of the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation is “Connecting people and building community by catalyzing change and sharing resources to build a strong, vibrant, resilient, inclusive community.” The nonprofit “believes in building a thriving community through stewardship, collaboration and innovation.”

“Worst Natural Disaster in History” of Yellowstone Area

RLACF calls this the “worst natural disaster” in the history of the surrounding community. The devastation is unprecedented. Bridges are out and impassable. Community economics will be threatened as tourism comes to a halt.

“This community is also resilient,” a message on the site says. “Half the town showed up on the first night to be a part of the sandbag brigade that saved portions of main street and prevented further breach into additional neighborhoods. Such community extends beyond time and space and often includes the grace and kindness of those not immediately impacted.”

The nonprofit thanks those that experienced a devastating loss and those that offered remote help for a sacred place.

Updates About Recovery Efforts

RLACF offers several resources for staying connected. Additionally, the site welcomes donations to support recovery efforts. It’s the place where Yellowstone trusts its own donations.

The National Park Service continues to work with surrounding counties and the states of Wyoming and Montana to assist gateway communities. Part of this is evaluating flooding impacts as they happen. That evaluation happens while providing support to residents as they need it.

The National Park Service shared information and video via Instagram.

“All entrances to Yellowstone National Park are currently CLOSED due to heavy flooding, rockslides and extremely hazardous conditions. Stay informed about road status and weather conditions by clicking the link in our bio and by following @yellowstonenps,” the NPS captioned their post.

Outsider posted a collection of photos showing the devastation. Park employees had their homes washed away. There is severe damage to the North Entrance Road. Portions of the park, including Pebble Creek Campground, remain underwater.

“It is likely that the northern loop will be closed for a substantial amount of time,” Yellowstone superintendent Cam Sholly says.

Meanwhile, Outsider will continue providing updates about ongoing recovery efforts. Follow along on Twitter for updates.