‘Yellowstone’ Showrunner Taylor Sheridan Sets Release Date for New Female-Driven Western

by Kayla Zadel

Taylor Sheridan’s work on “Yellowstone” has had his name in the headlines lately. But now he’s making the news again for another one of his upcoming works.

Before the fourth installment of the TV series debuts this summer, his film “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” will be released on May 14 this year.

Sheridan is working with award-winning actress Angelina Jolie for his first film centered on a female lead. Reports say that Jolie signed on for the role in 2019. Joining Jolie are Nicolas Hoult, Tyler Perry, Aiden Gillen, and Sheridan’s recurring collaborator Jon Bernthal.

“Those Who Wish Me Dead” is based on the same-named 2014 novel by Michael Koryta. The author joins the writing crew made up of Sheridan and Charles Leavitt.

An official synopsis of the movie reads, “A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him — and a forest fire threatening to consume them all.”

After Sheridan’s stint as an actor on “Sons of Anarchy,” he’s turned his attention to filmmaking. As a matter of fact, at the center of his success are western films like “Hell or High Water” and “Wind River.” Sheridan’s also worked on scripts for “Sicario” and its sequel, “Day of the Soldado.”

Taylor Sheridan Fans are Excited for Feature Film

The “Yellowstone” showrunner has built up quite a fanbase over the years. Once Sheridan’s new western film with a leading lady was announced, fans took to the chat forum Reddit to share their enthusiasm.

One movie fan comments, “My favorite writer in the business right now. I cannot wait for this movie.”

“Feels like he’s revitalizing the western genre even though I don’t think any of his work aside from Hell or High Water is truly a western,” another person says, referencing Sherdian’s previous works.

Sheridan’s projects might take place in the 21st century, but they still take inspiration from classic Hollywood and Spaghetti Western movies set in the old west.

This person chimes in, too, “None of them take place in ‘the west’ but they all have ‘that feeling.’ I don’t know how to consider his work which I guess is part of what makes it exciting.”

Sheridan is staying true to what he knows. “Those Who Wish Me Dead” will have the backdrop of the traditional western scene. Additionally, the movie will also stick with the crime-thriller theme that Sheridan has also become so well-known for.

Additionally, Sheridan will also produce the film, along with fellow producers Garrett Basch, Steven Zaillian, Aaron L. Gilbert, and Kevin Turen.