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‘Yellowstone’: Some Fans Are Wondering How Dan Jenkins Hung Around

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images)

There are some Yellowstone fans who are wondering among themselves how capital developer Dan Jenkins stayed around so long on the show.

Now, actor Danny Huston played Jenkins, who was working on Paradise Valley near Bozeman, Mont. Still, the fans are busy on a thread on Reddit and are focused on this matter.

The first Redditor writes: “I’m still wondering why Dan Jenkins survived being hanged.”

“Because he wasn’t really hanged in the traditional sense – a hanging as we think of it is really more about the drop that occurs from the gallows, which snaps a person’s neck when the rope goes tight; they are only suffocated if that doesn’t happen (which was rare, but not unheard of).

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Writes That Jenkins Was Just ‘Tied Up By His Neck and Strangled’

“Dan Jenkins really just tied up by his neck and strangled,” the Yellowstone fan writes. “Which would have given him time (not much, but some) to escape/survive as opposed to hanging which was designed to be instantly fatal.”

Another fan replies: “He was let down. Hanging like that, there is no escape.” Then this one asks, “Who do you think cut him down? I think Rip or Lloyd.” A reply comes from this Redditor: “It was Rip. For sure, looking out for Casey [spl should be Kayce] because Casey went too far. Of course.”

Then another question comes in for the Yellowstone crowd. This one writes: “They pulled him down before he died?” And a reply comes in stating, “Rip pulled him down after Kayce walked away”.

Another fan of the show says, “I believe that he was cut down before he died. But yeah, how many people would be able to live if they were hung by their neck for even just a few moments?” To which this Yellowstone Redditor replies: “If you are hoisted you will live for a few minutes until you choke. If dropped far enough you die quickly of a broken neck. Hanging can be slow and painful. It’s not a quick death.”

This Fan Thinks Only Reason He Didn’t Die Was Because of Renewal for Second Season

We have this fan’s guess as to how the whole storyline might have gone down for old Dan. “I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he only survived after the show was renewed for a 2nd season…,” the fan writes. “So, they kept it open-ended enough (to bring him back) by not showing him 100% dead. I read a similar thing about the Sopranos where Tony vs Junior was wrapped up because the showrunners didn’t know the series would continue. Just a guess.”

Well, one thing that Yellowstone fans can look forward to is Season 5. The Paramount Network has given it a go-ahead and, well, there are a lot of storylines to follow.