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‘Yellowstone’ source claims Kevin Costner’s John Dutton will die in Season 5

by Samantha Whidden
‘Yellowstone’ Source Claims Kevin Costner’s John Dutton Will Die
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Major update for Yellowstone fans. A source is now claiming Kevin Costner’s John Dutton may actually meet his maker during the second half of Season 5.

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The anonymous source revealed to Showbiz411 that Costner’s Governor Dutton will have a similar fate as that of Successions character Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox). “The whole team is down in Texas now meeting and trying to figure out how to do it,” the source stated. They also said they’re sure Yellowstone’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan has the character’s death already planned out. 

“We all knew that Kevin would leave eventually,” the source continued. However, they then said despite Dutton’s death, Yellowstone won’t be ending. The death also has nothing to do with Matthew McConaughey’s spinoff as well. “I think the main show will go on for at least one more season after, they’ll have to see how it goes. Remember, this isn’t until 2024. A lot can happen.”

Directing their attention to McConaughey’s spinoff, the source added that his show will be like 1923 and 1883, so it will have its own series. Currently, Yellowstone’s fate is a mystery, as Paramount remains quiet as to when the show will return for the second half of Season 5.

“Yellowstone’ Rumored To End After Second Half of Season 5

Meanwhile, other sources told the New York Post this week that Yellowstone will be ending after the second half of Season 5.

The media outlet reported that multiple sources confirmed this rumor, but has not revealed exactly when the series will return. The sources cited issues between Costner and Sheridan. “It’s the same as with any showrunner and big star,” one source explained. “There’s respect, but there’s friction.”

Meanwhile, another source told the New York Post that ego has some involvement in Yellowstone’s fate. They pointed to Sheridan as being the one with the ego issues. “Taylor is the star of his show. He’s the most important person on all of his shows.”

The source then said that Sheridan’s ego has been building over the past few years. “Taylor spent years not being truly appreciated in Hollywood,” they continued, “And now that he’s the top of the heap, there’s definitely some ego to all of this.”

The source stated that everyone hopes that everything will work out for Yellowstone. “It’s too big a show for things not to be worked out. Hopefully, Kevin will return for the remaining episodes if everyone works together, but it looks like Yellowstone will end after this season.”

In regards to who really knows Yellowstone’s fate, another source told the media outlet that Sheridan is the only one who knows what’s going on.