‘Yellowstone’ Special FX Supervisor Talks Biggest Challenges of Season 4 Shootout Scenes

by Thad Mitchell

We are now four episodes deep into the fourth season of “Yellowstone” but fans are still reeling from the intense first episode.

The first sequence of the first episode was absolutely jaw-dropping as many different things are taking place at the same time. In these first few scenes of season four, we learn that the Duttons have survived the attacks on their lives. We also see that there was an additional attack on the “Yellowstone” Ranch, confirming the suspicions of many. We also learn that ranch hand Jimmy has survived his fall off a horse but will need intense physical therapy. The highlight of the first sequence, however, is the incredible shootout near the end. Kayce Dutton bested the ambushers attacking his office and set off to find the culprit. He finds the van carrying the men that attacked his father, John Dutton. Then, a wild west shootout ensues with Kayce and his team of law enforcement officers outdueling the bad guys. Kayce is shot in the stomach during the shootout but appears to be ok.

It was a hang on to your cowboy hats opening sequence for the opening of the fourth “Yellowstone” season. Fans of the show are still talking about that shootout scene and it is very much on the mind of anyone who watches the drama. “Yellowstone” Special Effects Supervisor Garry Elmendorf talks about how the shootout scene went down in a behind-the-scenes interview.

“You’ve only got one chance to get the shot?” the social media post asks. “Don’t worry Garry Elmendorf and the Yellowstone special effects team have it handled.”

“The shootouts have been interesting,” he says. “The first shootout of the show is a continuation from last year. So, that’s Kayce’s office.”

‘Yellowstone’ Shootouts Have Been On-Point in Season Four

Elmendorf has overseen several shootouts while on the “Yellowstone” set. He says that the key to a great shootout scene is timing and he and his crew work tirelessly to sync everything up.

“We time it and rehearse it and make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be,” he says. “I show them what we can do. We test everything and then we create the dance. It is a cooperative effort and the more experience you have the better.”

Will we get any more shootouts during the current “Yellowstone” season? We wouldn’t bet against it.

Jamie Dutton is a good bet to get into a shootout before the fourth season is over. Trailers released before the season started showed him pointing a gun at someone. How about Lloyd? He’s got to be fed up with how he’s being treated as of late. Of course, anyone in the Dutton family is liable to shoot someone at some point.

We’ll just have to wait and find out as the fourth season rolls along.