‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff ‘1883’ New Cast Photos of Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott and More Released

by John Jamison
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Yellowstone Season 4 is just days away. We couldn’t imagine getting any more excited for a development surrounding the Taylor Sheridan-led show and its soon-to-be franchise. However, a brand new look at the cast, including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliot, among others, is now available.

Today (Friday), a set of new photos showing the star-studded cast in character were released. The latest pictures give a first official look at the upcoming Western.

See the photos here.

Sam Elliott and LaMonica Garrett portray men of the law in the 19th-century prequel series. Elliott’s character, Shea Brennan, is a Civil War vet wagon master charged with the responsibility of delivering the Dutton party to Montana. Let’s just say his rugged look conveys that sense of authority. The mustache certainly doesn’t hurt things.

Of Course, McGraw and wife Faith Hill will portray the Dutton ancestors themselves, James and Margaret. And Tim McGraw assures Yellowstone fans that there’ll be no shortage of adventure when 1883 begins as “the season is the journey.”

We’ll be following along as they sweat mercilessly on horseback through their period-accurate clothing from Texas to Montana. The Duttons will be joined by their son and daughter, played by Audie Rick and Isabel May, respectively. May will reportedly be the narrator of the series. Oh, and did we forget to mention the herd of longhorn cattle making the journey with them?

‘1883’ Cast Talks Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

Faith Hill puts her cowgirl skills to the test in her role as she portrays Margaret Dutton. Hill explained how the show differs from others. It was actually like stepping back into the Old West. “That’s why so many actors are drawn to Taylor’s writing because he is portraying the story in a way that was lived,” she said.

As for Sam Elliott, he says this isn’t just some spinoff show. In fact, he thinks the show has its own legs.

“They just pump so much life into this,” he says. “You can call this a spin-off or a prequel to Yellowstone or whatever you want, but for my money, it stands on its own.

1883 releases on December 19. And having heard the details about the sheer scale of the practical sets, seeing the cast in character is only making the wait that much harder.

“To see my beautiful wife on horseback, firing guns, and having dirt all over her face, I just sit in awe. She’s a strong woman, anyway. Taylor said early on to me, ‘Man, you’ll just get on that horse. You’re not scared of anything.’ I said, ‘I’m scared of one thing. She’s right over there,'” Tim McGraw told Entertainment Weekly.