‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff ‘Y: 1883’ Just Announced Call For Crew Members to Film in Fort Worth Texas

by Thad Mitchell

Excitement is steadily building for a brand new season of “Yellowstone,” but intrigue regarding the show’s spinoffs is also growing.

The tremendously popular Paramount Network series will spawn to brand new series in the near future. It isn’t known just how near that future is at the moment but the latest news suggests it could be soon. “Yellowstone” will premiere its fourth and latest season later this year in the fall. The show announced two spinoffs were in the works earlier this year. They are to be titled “Y: 1883” and “6666” and not a lot is known about the two new “Yellowstone” them shows.

It appears that one of the new “Yellowstone” spinoff series could be starting the filming process soon. “Y: 1883” is said to be a prequel to the modern western drama that we all know and love. It will trace the roots of the prominent Montana ranching family, the Duttons, back to the title year.

The Duttons, headlined by family patriarch John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, are the protagonist of the “Yellowstone” story. There isn’t a lot known about the plot of the series, but it is safe to say that the Duttons likely experience the same problems back then as they do in present day. The show, or at least some of it, could be filmed in Forth Worth, Texas, and according to a local news outlet, the Star-Telegram, a call has been put out for crew members.

‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff Could Begin Filming Soon

It’s very big news to “Yellowstone” fans as a call for crew could signal filming for “Y: 1883” is imminent. Via their social media pages, Film Fort Worth put a description of what they are looking for in crew members.

The social media post from Film Fort Worth says they are looking for crew members in all departments. Interested parties must be able to work in Fort Worth during the given time period. The crew call also notes that some travel may be required but housing will be provided if so. It then provides an email address to which resumes can be sent. It is also worth noting that the social media post puts out a call for extras to appear on the “Yellowstone” prequel.

One of the goals of “Y: 1883” is to make the “Yellowstone” universe even bigger, according to creator Taylor Sheridan. In a recent statement, Sheridan says the spinoff will allow the audience to see how the Duttons came to Montana.

It will be interesting to see how the story of “Yellowstone” intertwines with its two spinoff series. With the fourth season of the show currently on an extended hiatus, fans are ready for a “Yellowstone” fix.

Hopefully, for the show’s enormous fan base, that is coming soon.