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‘Yellowstone TV’ Beth Dutton Actor Kelly Reilly Said Die-Hard Fans Write to Her About Rip: ‘If I Do Anything to Hurt Him, They’ll Come Find Me’

by Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s relationship is one of “Yellowstone” fans’ favorite storylines to follow. Since their reunion in season one, fans have been all for the couple’s topsy turvy, on-and-off-again love story. However, according to Beth Dutton actor Kelly Reilly, there is one thing that fans will not tolerate in the duo’s love story. And that’s Beth hurting Rip. During an interview in 2020, Reilly opened up about messages she receives from fans.

“I get serious warnings,” said Reilly. “I get people writing to me and saying to me not to hurt him, as Beth.”

It seems like some fans aren’t quite able to distinguish between fiction and reality.

“They don’t quite realize that I’m not Beth,” said Reilly.

Nevertheless, the fans are serious about protecting Rip Wheeler‘s heart.

“But yea, if I do anything to hurt him, they are going to come find me,” said Reilly. “So, yea, it’s a lot. They’re mad for him.”

Luckily, Reilly said she enjoys playing the “Yellowstone” character fans love to hate.

“So, it’s fun,” said Reilly. “It’s fun, I get to be that woman that they despise.”

Kelly Reilly Said Rip Wheeler Is ‘Healing’ For Beth Dutton On ‘Yellowstone’

Despite the way both of them have occasionally acted, it’s been pretty obvious to all “Yellowstone” fans that Beth and Rip love each other. And it’s not a surface-level kind of love. They love each other’s souls, the essence of who each of them really are. In fact, they love each other so much, they’ve never tried to change each other. During one episode, Beth taunted Rip by talking about all the men she was/could sleep with. And a completely calm Rip replied that he didn’t care who Beth slept with, he cared about her. Now, that is love – putting aside ego for the sake of love.

And Kelly Reilly agrees. During a recent interview, Reilly talked about Beth and Rip’s love.

Beth and Rip are soulmates and have been since they met,” she said. “They are so tough and hard-headed, and the capacity of violence is in them both, but they provide a safe haven for quiet, peace, and love, and she doesn’t have that with anyone else in the show.

Reilly added that there is a big difference between the way the characters act with other people and how they act with each other.

“We see them with all the other characters, and then when they are together, they just bring out a whole different color in each other,” said Reilly. “It provides a level of healing for Beth, a place for her to rest and lay down her weapons. Rip loves her in a way that’s so unconditional, and she’s starting to settle into that place. It’s so beautiful these broken characters are finding some sort of home with each other.”

Let’s just hope it lasts, so Kelly Reilly doesn’t have to receive any more angry messages from “Yellowstone” fans.