‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Is ‘All Set for Back to School’ in Sweet Pic With His Sister

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s youngest star, Brecken Merrill, has some exciting news for his return to school as he celebrates with his big sister!

By the Tate Dutton actor’s official Instagram, we know Brecken Merrill is “All set for back to school!” And he’s got some great news that’ll surely please Yellowstone fans who’ve loved watching the young man grow up.

“I’m happy to have been accepted into the same performing arts school as my big sister,” Merrill announces within. “I fully intend to be taller than her by the end of the year…”

Now that, Brecken, we absolutely don’t doubt. The young actor has been sprouting like a weed the last few years. They grow up so fast! Check out his shot of the Merrill siblings below:

Plenty of due “congratulations!” are coming in over on Merrill’s Instagram, too. Fans are indeed excited to see Brecken succeed – as he seems to be growing up into an excellent Outsider himself!

“Congrats Brecken! Lookin forward to 2022 pics!” replies Yellowstone fan Candace. “Lol meanwhile we’re still waiting on Y4! Can’t wait to see your character Tate in action. :) Keep up the great work buddy. Enjoy!”

But seriously, Brecken… You’re growing up way too fast! Can’t you stay tiny forever?

‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill Growing like a Weed

Sure, we may still see him as the littlest Dutton in our minds forever, but the Tate Dutton actor looks like a full-on teenager these days! He’s no longer the tiny boy from the first two seasons at all! In fact, he’s even working out!

“Started #muaythai today. It was a fun way to work up a sweat!” Merrill posted to his official Instagram recently. Within, we see the young star getting his Muay Thai on – and he’s nearly as tall as his instructor!

And as one Yellowstone fan points out in the comments: “Wow you grown so much in the last year bud! Looking forward to the new season!!!!”

Yet this isn’t anything new for Brecken. In fact, he says he’s been growing like a weed for years now – and it has affected shooting the show!

While filming “the infamous kidnapping rescue scene” as Merrill calls it, the young star points out that this “was actually filmed at the beginning of shooting for season three, which meant it had been several months since shooting the previous scene where Tate goes to feed Lucky.”

This will surprise absolutely no one who has either been one or raised teenage boys, but Merrill reveals he “had grown, fueled by a steady diet of Choco Chimps and donuts” to where he “was a good 4 inches taller!”

That’s a huge height difference to cover for Tate’s scenes on Yellowstone! And we can’t wait to see what Brecken Merrill brings for Season 4 come Fall 2021.