‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Shares Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘Target Practice’ on Set

by Jon D. B.

“It’s Yellowstone Sunday!” says the show’s youngest star, Brecken Merrill. And you know what that means, fans, time for more behind-the-scenes goodness!

For his latest BTS look, the Yellowstone actor is focusing in on “target practice scenes,” something many’a Outsider can relate to. Let’s jump right in.

“One of the many fun things I get to do working on Yellowstone is shoot guns! Target practice scenes… Hunting scenes…” the young man behind Tate Dutton begins. “Here are a few pics from the target practice scene in season one.”

Within his gallery, Yellowstone fans are treated to more excellent behind-the-scenes shots – a rarity for our favorite show. Or it was, that is, until Merrill came up with this great use of Instagram. Only one shot makes me nervous, and that’s Brecken leaning on the butt of a rifle as he rests between takes. At least the barrel is pointed into the dirt!

“My studio teacher, Judie, usually worked on Disney shows before this and she would get very nervous any time I was around guns or explosions or even swearing,” Tate continues with a laughing emoji. Wow, is Yellowstone a far cry from Disney content. That anecdote is worth the price of admission alone.

“(Our crew always follows ALL safety precautions when dealing with explosives and things that go bang),” Merrill cites. Then why, young man, are you leaning onto a firearm!?

That may have been why “This was a rough day for poor Judie,” as the young Yellowstone star says.


“But wait, writer guy!” you fellow fans may be thinking right about now. “Tate had a BB gun! He can lean on it if he wants! It’s not a real gun!”

But as any gun safety nut will tell you – that couldn’t be further from the truth. BB guns can – and have – killed. Anything that shoots a projectile should be treated with the exact same level of caution. End rant.

“Luke Grimes was shooting water jugs and I had a BB gun,” Merrill confirms. “You can see Taylor’s reflection in the first pic,” he adds of series mastermind, Taylor Sheridan.

The behind-the-scenes snapshots come from Yellowstone Season 3, Episode 1: “No Good Horses.” As fans will recall, Grimes and Merrill’s Kayce and Tate are having a bit of target practice within before they have a heart-to-heart over Kayce’s military service. The little guy doesn’t want his dad to go off and leave him again. And it’s the last thing said dad wants, too.

It’s a great, rare glimpse into tis father-son dynamic, and one we’re hoping we get to see much more of in Season 4 come November 7.