‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Drops Behind Scenes Pics With Jen Landon, Forrie J. Smith From ‘Summer Camp’ Scenes

by Jon D. B.

As the young actor says, “It’s Yellowstone Sunday!” You know what that means: Time for another excellent round of behind-the-scenes shots from Brecken Merrill!

Who says teenagers don’t have good ideas? Or did we just make that up? Either way, Brecken Merrill has the best Sunday tradition on Instagram. The young Yellowstone actor, who we know and love as Tate Dutton, is back with his latest behind-the-scenes shots – and this time he’s treating us to a full horseback gallery!

“It’s #YellowstoneTV Sunday!” shares Merrill on his official Instagram. “Only 10 more Sundays until season 4 starts!!!” he continues, if you can believe it. The wait has been so long for S4’s premiere, but it’s coming around the corner now.

As for that gallery, “Today I’m sharing some pics of us horsing around at summer camp in Season 3,” the actor continues. “We were deep in the middle of nowhere and it really was like camping with your favorite people!”

Check out the Yellowstone BTS shots for yourself below. And remember, as Brecken Merrill says: Only 10 more Sundays ’til Season 4!

“The first pic is me riding a six-legged horse,” Merrill winks to round out his Instagram caption. We see what you did there, little fella!

There’s a lot of great shots in here, including a then 10 or 11-year-old Brecken with Teeter actor Jennifer Landon. Favorite people, indeed! We Outsiders are huge fans of the Landons. Being, of course, Jen’s work and that of her late father, television icon Michael Landon.

‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill Brings the BTS

If you haven’t caught up on the young actor’s previous behind-the-scenes shots, allow us to oblige. Last Sunday, Merrill offered up another fantastic gallery. This time, however, it was from a scene that “never aired.”

“Today is another glimpse of a scene that never aired,” Brecken begins in the Aug 15 post. “This first pic is from the much loved “transplant” scene. It was shot in downtown Ogden, Utah,” he explains.

“The rest of the pics are from the *first* time we shot the scene outside a real estate office in Heber. There were various reasons they decided to reshoot the scene. One reason was because I hadn’t quite mastered scene continuity and my ice cream cone kept magically switching hands,” he says with a cheeky smiley.

We’ve all got to start somewhere. And Brecken Merrill just so happens to be starting on Yellowstone! Lucky dude.

“Shout out to our talented editing team who catch our bloopers and make us look good!” he rounds out the post. Check out his previous gallery with plenty more BTS details with us right here on Outsider.

And mark your calendars – Yellowstone Season 4 premieres on Paramount+ November 7, 2021!