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‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Is ‘Missing The Big Guy’ Kevin Costner in Behind-Scenes Pic

by Courtney Blackann

Ahead of the season four “Yellowstone” finale, actor Brecken Merrill shared a behind-the-scenes photo with John Dutton actor Kevin Costner. Though Tate and his onscreen grandpa John didn’t have the same interactions in season four as the previous seasons, the actor posted about missing Costner.

In a post on Instagram, Merrill shared a sweet photo of the two while filming the latest season.

“Sure am missing the big guy! Who’s ready for tonight’s finale?” Merrill captioned the photo.

Merrill’s adoration for his famous co-star is shared in an interview he did recently where he talked about Costner as his role model.

“He treats me as a peer more than just like a little kid,” Merrill says. “Like, one time I was on set and I called cut not knowing like, I’m just a kid. I can’t just call cut. And everyone was laughing. Everyone’s like, oh my God, the kid called cut.”

He goes on to add:

“And instead of laughing, Kevin was confused why I called cut,” he says. “And he just treated me as a peer more than just a little kid.”

Tate’s Growth in Season Four of “Yellowstone”

And while many of the “Yellowstone” characters experienced growth in season four, it was no different for Tate. During the premiere, we’re left grappling with the aftermath of the attacks on the Duttons. When Kayce puts it together that he’s not the only target, he quickly tells his wife Monica to take Tate and get to the bunkhouse as quickly as possible.

But the intruders are already inside the main Dutton home. They attack Monica and have her pinned to the ground. This is where Tate is changed forever. He does what any Dutton would do – he shoots and kills the bad men.

Months after he takes the life of a grown man, Tate is reeling from the experience. Living in fear each day, he settles himself by hiding under the bed, which causes a strain on Monica and Kayce’s relationship. As Kayce tires of this behavior, he tells Monica that it’s time they go stay on the reservation with her family.

Meanwhile, Tate is elated by the news. He needs a break from the place he took another’s life. He starts to mend when he and his parents eventually get their own place, which happens to come along with a dog. Things seem to be looking up for the young boy as he learns he’s going to be a big brother.

Further, Tate is dealing with his own issues of transitioning from a child into a teen. There’s a comedic moment after moving into their new home where Tate has some questions about what’s going on with his body. Monica laughingly says she’s going to leave that conversation up to Kayce.