‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Secrets from Terrifying Rattlesnake Scene

by Jon D. B.

The youngest Yellowstone star is back with a “scary” Halloween behind-the-scenes treat; the last one before Season 4 premieres!

Can you believe it, Yellowstone fans? If you’ve been enjoying Brecken Merrill’s BTS stories and shots alongside fellow Outsiders, then you know we’ve been at this for months. And now here we are at the very last Sunday before the two-episode Yellowstone Season 4 premiere on November 7! Genuinely, it felt like we would never be this close for quite some time.

Yet come it has, and the Tate Dutton actor is throwing all the way back to Season 1 for his final behind-the-scenes celebration before the premiere.

“It’s our last #yellowstonetv Sunday before the season 4 premiere!!!!! Today is Halloween, so in honor of the holiday I’m posting about sssssssnakes because many people find them scary. (Not me!),” begins Merrill on his official Instagram Sunday.

“The epic rattle snake battle in Season 1 was an adventure to film. We had a real rattle snake and the handler had to give us all a lesson on the dangers of snake venom. Fun fact: you don’t need to be bitten to get felled by a rattler! If you have a cut on your hand and accidentally touch something with venom on it it’s as if you were bit!” he continues alongside more fantastic BTS shots:

“To get the amazing shot they built a culvert with an area for the snake and an area for me and a thick piece of plexiglass between us. (You can see the fake culvert behind me in pic 7),” Merrill reveals.

Honestly, that’s one cinematography trick you don’t hear of often and quite the fascinating reveal.

‘See You NEXT SUNDAY’ for the Premiere of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4!’

Of the next shots, the Yellowstone star says “The next day I caught a garter snake. (Regular followers may remember my studio teacher Judie got nervous when we were doing stunts and animal wrangling- Poor Judie had a heart attack).”

Garter snakes are harmless little fellows and are wonderful for pest control. So don’t worry, fellow Brecken Merrill fans, Judie had no reason to freak out.

Up last is “a still of a commercial I shot for Serpent Strike. (Hey, it’s a snake toy. It counts!),” Merrill says of the colorful toy commercial shot. Hey, if you’re going to do a “snake post,” might as well go all out!

To round out his BTS gallery, the littlest Dutton wishes Yellowstone fans a “Happy Halloween, and I’ll see you NEXT SUNDAY for the premiere of @yellowstone season 4 on @paramountnetwork!!”

Again, that’s still unreal to read – but here we are! Outsider will be all-in on Yellowstone Season 4 come November 7’s two-episode premiere, so be sure to stick around!