‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Is Rocking an Entirely Different Haircut Than When We Last Saw Him

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s youngest star, Brecken Merrill, is showing off a brand new look as he goes for some “Impromptu ice cream” with his family.

Like ice cream, few things match the joys of watching an incredible actor grow up on-screen. That feels a stretch, but hey – what Outsider doesn’t love both ice cream and Tate Dutton?

Brecken Merrill has indeed grown up right before our eyes, and what a childhood he’s had so far. From having Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille as his on-screen parents, to acting out all facets of that unbelievable kidnapping arc for Seasons 2 & 3 – young Brecken is living his dream. We Yellowstone fans get Tate Dutton as a result, so what’s not to love?

It can be a bit jarring, however, to see Merrill looking like a teenager these days. He’s sprouting like a weed, and his latest post showcases this with a brand new look:

“I had an impromptu ice cream stop with my Dad just yesterday – never a wrong time for one of those!” comments Yellowstone fan Heather on Brecken’s official Instagram in kind.

Within, the Yellowstone actor looks to be sporting some highlights and a fresh haircut. That or the summer sun has done his hair some serious favors. Either way, Brecken is looking much more mature than the tiny Tate we knew in Season 1. And if we want to know what he’ll look like come Yellowstone Season 10, look no further than his father in the middle of the shot! Brecken is an absolute spitting image of his (undoubtedly proud) dad! His little sister is all smiles, too, making for one adorable family portrait.

‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill: Tiny Tate No Longer

Merrill’s family stays active on his Instagram, where his mom thankfully helps the 12-year-old operate social media. With each shot he looks to be older still, and it’s been a true pleasure watching the little dude grow up.

Merrill’ makes sure that joy goes both ways, too. Each Sunday he’s been treating Yellowstone fans to behind-the-scenes shots from seasons prior in the wait for Season 4. One of his best came a few weeks ago, which shows how much he’s grown in just the time since filming Season 3.

“Today I’m sharing some pics of us horsing around at summer camp in Season 3,” the actor posted in August. “We were deep in the middle of nowhere and it really was like camping with your favorite people!”

Check out the Yellowstone BTS shots for yourself right here. It’s well worth the look for any fan of the show, and features a full gallery of horseback shots of Merrill, Jen Landon, Forrie J. Smith, Jefferson White, and more.

Brecken Merrill will return alongside his co-stars come November 7 for Yellowstone Season 4.