‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Shares His Thoughts on Working from Home

by Joe Rutland

Actor Brecken Merrill of “Yellowstone” has made adjustments for his acting career over the past months. This includes working from home.

Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton on the Paramount Network drama, keeps his fans up to date on what’s happening in his world. He’s a fairly frequent poster on Instagram, letting those who follow his life in on different aspects of it.

One thing that he’s learned to do from home is auditions. He had some thoughts on continuing that type of work in his latest Instagram post, which he dropped on Thursday.

Take a look at what the “Yellowstone” star said in this photo caption.

As you can tell, Merrill would just as soon do auditions from the safety and comfort of his own backdrop. But he’s been busy, too, by being on the “Yellowstone” set.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Saw Character Put Through A Lot In Series

In case you didn’t know, then Tate Dutton is the son of Kaycee Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Monica Dutton-Long (Kelsey Asbille).

Tate has been through the wringer. Uncles kill each other, your aunt gets blown up, and Granddad John gets shot in the road.

Now Tate also has found himself entangled in situations, too. One time, he was attacked by a rattlesnake while waiting for Kayce to come back.

When Kayce returned, he found that Tate killed the rattler and took care of himself. Pretty good for a kid.

Other situations saw him falling into a river and Granddad made the save in the water.

Also, Malcolm and Teal Beck kidnapped him when the Dutton-Beck showdown got crazy. When white supremacists hired by the Becks tried to kidnap him, it fell apart. Kayce rescued Tate but not without terror striking the young boy. He did not recognize Tate and just started screaming.

Talk about trauma. Tate has been through his fair share.

This season promises to be wild.

“Every. Body. Pays.” That’s what the phrase hovering over the show means, especially when you take a look at the trailer and notice a rancher is dead.

TV Show Faces Having To Solve Mysteries Like Rancher’s Hanging

What? Yep, dead by hanging. Now we don’t know who this rancher is at all.

That gripping Yellowstone Season 4 trailer is here. Within it, though, are a lot of secrets.

One scene among the plethora of quick shots includes a ranch hand hanging from a Dutton paddock.

But who is it? No one knows on this side of the show.

This assault on the Dutton Ranch also probably takes place during or after those assassination attempts happened as Season 3 ended. “Yellowstone” is going to be red hot, Outsiders.