‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Takes Fans Behind Scenes for ‘Special’ Look at His Cowboy Training With Horse ‘Lucky’

by Thad Mitchell

Only a short time after reaching an impressive social media milestone, “Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill is back sharing with his fans.

Merrill, who turned 13 earlier this year, plays Tate Dutton on “Yellowstone.” Fans of the Paramount Network series have seen both Brecken and Merrill grow up on our favorite television show. Merrill celebrated reaching 30,000 Instagram followers this weekend by making pizza pie numbers. Today, he is introducing us to one of his four-legged co-stars, Lucky the horse. We see young Tate get his very first horse in an earlier episode of “Yellowstone” and it’s big a moment for the young man. It was also a big moment for Merrill away from the screen. Trust must be built between producers and actors when it comes to dealing with on-set animals. Merrill had to spend time off-camera with Lucky the horse to build camaraderie. The young actor did just that and today he shares a behind-the-scenes look at how it went down.

The video shows Merrill working with the ‘Yellowstone” horse by leading it around the stable yard. Any horse owner will tell you that the animals can sense and interpret human emotions. Trust between a horse and its rider, and vice versa, is of the utmost importance.

“Tate and Lucky — it’s a “Yellowstone” Sunday!” Merrill writes in the Sunday afternoon. “Many of you have asked about Lucky, so as a special treat I’m posting a video from my set teacher from season 2. You can see some behind-the scenes footage of me getting to know the horse who plays Lucky. My doggo friend Hank the Tank also makes an appearance.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Along with Merrill working with his horse, we also get some nice behind-the-scenes footage in the brief video. We see Brecken in the barber chair getting ready to transform into his “Yellowstone” character, Tate Dutton. Merrill also tease the season three marathon that is currently taking place on the Paramount Network.

With a brand new season now just weeks away, “Yellowstone” fans are eager to see what is in store for Tate and Lucky. Off the set, Brecken Merrill is growing up quickly as he enters his teenage years. Will his growth spurt affect his on-screen counterpart?

As the firstborn to John’s only remaining biological son, Kayce Dutton, Tate stands to inherit Yellowstone Ranch someday. He’s already learning the ropes of operating the enormous cattle ranch as a youngster. Tate spends his days with his father, grandfather and the ranch’s team of cowboys.

“Yellowstone” will return for its fourth and latest season later this year with the premiere set for Sunday, Nov. 7.