‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser on ‘Cancel’ Culture: ‘Everybody Deserves a Second Chance’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/ Getty Images)

‘Yellowstone’ actor Cole Hauser talks about his new movie “The Last Champion” and the theme of giving everyone a “second chance”.

Cole Hauser stars in the new movie “The Last Champion,” which shows the struggles of a former state champion wrestler, John Wright, who lost his Olympic medal due to a scandal. After twenty years, Wright returns to his small hometown, and while he might be over the scandal, the town isn’t.

Wright decides to take up coaching the sport at his old high school, where he meets a talented boy named Michael Miller. Miller, played by Sean Scully, has his own demons to overcome, starting with his troubled home life.

Cole Hauser on ‘Cancel Culture’

Hauser describes how everyone deserves a second chance, especially in such a toxic “cancel culture” that we live in.

“I’m a big firm believer in second chances. I’ve had them in my own life,” said Hauser. “A lot of my friends that are really talented people, you know, it doesn’t matter just in the acting game, but in business period, in general, in life, everybody deserves a second chance, sometimes a third. You know what I mean?”

The inspiring sports drama is something Hauser says, “we all need right now” due to the division of the election and the pandemic. It is something to bring us together instead of wedging us apart.

“This is a film that has faith, that has family, it has love, friendship, addiction – and obviously, that’s a big issue right now given the circumstances and where we are as a country and then ultimately redemption,” said Hauser about the movie.

“And that’s why I think this is a great time for this film to come out during the holidays. Especially where you can sit with your family and watch a story of a guy who’s shattered and is at rock bottom at the beginning of this movie and then experience the slow incline and build to him finding himself again.”

The ‘Yellowstone’ Star on This Role

The “Yellowstone” star said that John Wright’s character has been a role that Hauser has wanted to take on since the start of his acting career.

“I think as an actor you look at characters that you’re going to play throughout your career, and this is one that just had these beautiful colors that ended with me taking this kid, who reminds me a lot of myself as a young man and teaching him not only physically to be a great wrestler, but also mentally.”

The movie is available on digital streaming starting today. You can rent it on iTunes for $4.99 or buy it on the site for $19.99.

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