‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday in Adorable Video

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser is a devoted family man, and in an adorable video he posted of his daughter’s birthday party, it’s easy to see why.

In the video, Hauser’s 9-year-old daughter, Steely Rose, is laughing ’til she’s red in the face while also squirming with embarrassment as Benihana employees sing her a happy birthday song.

“Happy 9th bday my love!! It sure is funny to watch you squirm from the attention😂,” Hauser posted to Instagram on Thursday, tagging other family members as well.

Yellowstone Star Is a Devoted Father

When he’s not busy shooting Yellowstone, Hauser is all about his family, as his Instagram account shows. And he’s apparently a pretty chill dad. He recently posted a video of Steely piloting his boat, set to the tune of a Ryan Bingham song. No caption was necessary for that laid-back maritime excursion.

Meanwhile, Hauser’s sons, who could pass for earlier versions of Hauser himself, occupy a lot of Hauser’s time and attention, too. Ryland and Colt Hauser keep their parents’ lives exciting, according to Hauser’s wife Cynthia, but Hauser wouldn’t have it any other way.

Due to his acting commitments, Hauser has sometimes had to parent from afar. But he’s proud of all his kids, and he knows he can trust the boys to look out for Steely and Cynthia while he’s away.

“It’s been a little rough over the last couple of years just because I’m away for five months at a time,” Hauser told People. “It’s not easy to parent from afar. Steely is an absolute pistol, and they’re great boys. When I’m away they kind of take over, making sure that mom and Steely are watched over. That’s how I raised them and I’m proud of them for that.”

Will Season 4 Bring Out the Paternal Side of Rip?

Meanwhile, in the Yellowstone universe, we’re midway through Season 4, and Rip (Hauser) is at last warming up to Carter (Finn Little), the troubled orphaned youth who arrived on his doorstep courtesy of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

It remains to be seen if Rip can make a man out of Carter, who has been on the verge of leaving the Dutton Ranch already. But now that Beth has forgiven him for his department store scene and let him hang out in the house with the couple, things are looking up for Carter.

It’s not clear that Rip sees in Carter a younger version of himself, as Beth does, but he seems to see some potential there. Will something come along and upset the equilibrium that currently prevails in their little makeshift family? Catch the next episode of Yellowstone this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network to find out.