‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Celebrates Wife’s Birthday With Family in Sweet Photo

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

Cole Hauser, star of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” celebrated his wife’s birthday yesterday (Thursday) with a family gathering.

“Yellowstone” fans know Cole Hauser as the large and in charge Rip Wheeler, who oversees much of the work being down on the Dutton Ranch. Ruthless and intimidating, Rip doesn’t much of anything from anyone and serves as the Dutton family’s enforcer — a job he is very good at. Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Cole Hauser is a kind and gentle man who loves spending time with his family. His loving wife, Cynthia Hauser, turned 46-years-old earlier this week, and the whole family got together to celebrate. Cynthia took to social media to share a lovely photo of the family’s outing and it certainly looks like they are enjoying their time together.

“Thanks for the perfect birthday,” Cynthia Hauser says alongside a party emoji. She also tags her husband and two young sons in the social media post.

Don’t look now but it looks as if both Cole Hauser’s sons, Colt and Ryland, have caught up with their father in height. Both Hauser boys and teenagers and Cole and Cynthia also have a lovely young daughter, Steely Rose. The Hauser family enjoys the time they spend together and both Cole and Cynthia share their activities with social media followers. The young and growing family also loves spending time outdoors together and often posts photos of their latest adventures for “Yellowstone” fans to see. Whether it is hiking, skiing, or camping, you can usually find the Hausers enjoying life and each other.

The Hauser family is spending as much time together as they can with Cole Hauser soon to return to Montana to begin filming “Yellowstone” season five,

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Talks About His Character’s Appeal

Cole Hauser has been a mainstay on “Yellowstone” since the beginning, making his debut in the very first episode. Through four seasons, he’s turned Rip Wheeler into one of the most beloved characters on all of television. With the success of “Yellowstone,” Hauser has built up his own fan base. He’s also turned his character into a legit heartthrob with plenty of females in his fan base. Hauser talks about his character’s status as a “sex symbol” in a recent interview.

“I think the way that he expresses his emotion, the friendship that he’s expressed and also the loyalty to the family,” he says. “I think all of those things.”

To the dismay of the lady fans, Rip is now spoken for as a married man. He and Beth finally tie the knot in the most “Yellowstone” way possible – a quickly thrown-together wedding ceremony. It will be interesting to see how the potentially volatile marriage will play out in the upcoming new season.