‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser and Daughter are ‘Twins’ in Adorable New Photo

by Thad Mitchell

With his hit show currently on hiatus, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser is taking full advantage of the offseason by spending quality family time.

The veteran actor plays rough and tough cowboy Rip Wheeler on hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone. Rip is the leader of the Yellowstone bunkhouse crew and serves as the enforcer for Montana ranching family, the Duttons. On the ranch, Rip knows how to get the job done and keep the ranch hands in line with an hour fist. His true value to the Duttons, however, is his fierce loyalty and willingness to do their dirty works. A large brute of a man, not many would dare to cross Rip for fear of repercussions. The Yellowstone cowboy in black has also shown there are no lengths to which he won’t go to protect the Duttons and Yellowstone Ranch.

When he is done being Rip on the Yellowstone set, Hauser is very much a family man. He has a relatively young family, having been married to his wife, Cynthia, for 15 years. The couple has two teenage boys and a young daughter. The Hauser family loves to go on adventures together and share photos of their activities on social media. Cynthia Hauser took to social media on Thursday to share a pic of her husband along with their only daughter, Steely Rose. A lovely family, the Hauser certainly make the most of their time together.

“Twins,” Mrs. Hauser writes in the Instagram post’s caption space along with a twins emoji.

They are both donning black t-shirts and it is to tell how much the father and daughter duo favor each other. Also, take notice that Cole’s beard has gone back to its natural color. He dies his facial hair black when playing the part of Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone. Could you imagine seeing the gritty Yellowstone cowboy with the lighter shade beard that Hauser is currently rocking? That would certainly be a sight to see.

Yellowstone fans are eager to see what the fourth season of the show has in store for Rip Wheeler. Many think he will have revenge on his mind when he discovers who is behind the attacks on his adoptive family. Others think we may see a kinder and more gentle Rip Wheeler. With the brand new season now only weeks away, fans won’t have to wait long for answers.