‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser on the Hilarious Way Jefferson White Dealt With Saddle Sores

by Shelby Scott
Paramount Press Site

When you sign up to be an actor, I’m sure the problem farthest from your mind is saddle sores. However, on the set of “Yellowstone,” the day-to-day struggles of our favorite cast members change drastically. That said, one of the biggest problems Jefferson White endured was saddle sores. And, in a hilarious conversation, another of our leading cast members, Cole Hauser, shared the hysterical way the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor managed the incredibly uncomfortable issue.

Much like his character Jimmy, Jefferson White possessed little knowledge of cowboying. It was most memorably on display when he first came to the “Yellowstone” set.

And as one of the series’ cast members, Jefferson was required to attend creator Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy camp. There, he and his costars engrained the knowledge our characters boast on screens into their own minds.

Apparently, cowboy camp hit Jefferson White pretty hard. While practicing his cowboying skills, he earned major saddle sores that have since left permanent scars between his butt cheeks. Previously, Cole Hauser shared the hilarious interaction that took place regarding White’s saddle sores. But he also shared the humorous, though practical, way the Jimmy actor dealt with them.

‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser Remembers Jefferson White’s Cowboy Camp Experience

“When we went to cowboy camp,” the Rip Wheeler actor said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I saw the blood running through his jeans and I was like, ‘[I]t’s blood.'”

White simply replied, “Yeah, I have saddle sores.”

“I was like, ‘Oh man, do you want me to look at it?”

Emphatically, White replied, “‘NOOOOO,’ And then he went and sat in the river.”

The experience might have taught Jefferson White grit. And it might’ve given him the experience to avoid saddle sores in the future. However, in the world of acting, the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor’s very personal sacrifice is enough to gain the audience’s respect as a whole.

Jefferson White Goes Behind the Development of Rip Wheeler

Just like how Cole Hauser shared one of his most memorable experiences behind the scenes of “Yellowstone,” Jefferson White shared with fans his own story pertaining to Cole Hauser and his “transformation” into Rip Wheeler.

Across four seasons of the beloved neo-Western, we’ve watched Jefferson White’s character, Jimmy Hurdstrom, grow from boy to man. In ways so unique to the series, we can’t help but respect the actor all the more for his skill and dedication in crafting the character’s incredible arc.

Meanwhile, Cole Hauser also plays the role of an immensely complicated individual. And in an earlier conversation, White shared with fans the ways the actor brings Rip to life.

While working on “Yellowstone,” White said taking on a character role is “both a transformation and also, in acting there’s sort of a constant question.”

He explained, “Are you transforming into this character, or are you revealing some part of yourself that is this character, ya know?”

Of Cole Hauser’s role as Rip Wheeler, he said, “the amazing thing is I’ve only known Cole through the process of working on ‘Yellowstone,’ so for me, as long as I’ve known Cole, he’s been Rip.”

Essentially then, Cole Hauser, not to mention the series’ other cast members, have had to learn how to transition between their true selves and the intense, complicated, and diverse characters they play on-screen. And so far, I’d like to think they’ve done a pretty good job of it.