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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Drives His ‘Gramps’ Classic Car in Badass New Pic

by Leanne Stahulak

Although we’re used to seeing “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser on top of a horse, a little-known fact about him is that he’s a huge antique cars fan.

Earlier today, Hauser took to Instagram to show off his newest (old) ride. The car in question once belonged to the “Yellowstone” star’s grandfather. He and his brother took it for a spin around a suburban neighborhood, from the looks of the picture.

“My brother and I rollin in my Gramps 74 Silver Shadow RR #takingourtime,” Hauser captioned the badass pic. The car looks gorgeous, shining in the sun and showing off her slick paint job and hood ornament. Sound like she might not run as good though if the brothers are “rolling” along the road. But it’s still a totally cool car to have.

This isn’t the first time the “Yellowstone” star has shown off an older car too. Back in October 2021, Hauser also posted a video on Instagram of a sick ride. This one, however, is a few years older than the silver Shadow RR.

“Look what finally showed up! 1970 Chevelle SS,” Hauser captioned the post earlier. “Best kinda music 454.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Minor Detail from Beth and Rip’s Wedding

The last time “Yellowstone” fans saw Cole Hauser, his character Rip Wheeler was getting hitched during the Season 4 finale. This wedding has been a long time coming, especially after the happy couple got engaged back in Season 3. Fans were ecstatic to finally see the event play out on our TV screens.

Many moments from the wedding scene were memorable. From Beth’s skimpy dress to her kidnapping the priest to John’s embarrassment about her comments to the haphazard order of the ceremony. But one line that Beth said made “Yellowstone” fans stop and rewind the scene.

“Anyone notice when the priest was asking who the groom was, Beth answered ‘tall guy, black hat’ when Rip and Lloyd are walking down. But Lloyd was the one that was wearing a black hat (Rip had on a brown hat),” one astute fan pointed out on Reddit.

Some fans wondered if the “Yellowstone” writers or costume crew made a slight error in the scene. Other fans theorized that “Beth knows which color his hat is. So if she says that the hat is black then the hat is black.” Fair point. She’s seen Rip put on the hat enough times to know if it’s black or brown.

Another fan made this practical observation: “Rip’s hat isn’t brown, it’s an old dusty black that looks brown.” Any hat wearer knows that well-worn hats quickly fade in color.

Either way, this problem could’ve been solved if they’d given Lloyd a different color hat that wasn’t also obviously black.