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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Enjoys Buccs Game with Family

by Jennifer Shea
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser has been at his place in Florida of late, and it appears the entire family may have taken in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game recently. The Buccs played a home game yesterday against the Chicago Bears at Raymond James Stadium.

Hauser is apparently a football fan; in a recent interview with Cowboys & Indians, he also mentioned that he’d been to a high school football game not too long ago.

And in an Instagram post last year, he posted a picture of former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson, along with the message: “Congrats to the @chiefs organization. You sure have come along way! @raiders nation #futurechamps @mattdevo24.”

Cole Hauser Says in Football, As in Life, ‘Give It Your All’

In an interview last year with the Havok Journal, Hauser seemed to suggest that football is not unlike acting, in that the best players give 110 percent. He said he’s not content to rest on his laurels, but constantly strives to challenge himself as an actor.

“Remember not to get lazy,” Hauser told the Havok Journal. “Lazy to me is not an option. Keep pushing it. Keep trying something new. My character and the show are doing well right now, but I continue to push it and explore.”

The “Yellowstone” star attributed the overwhelmingly positive response his character has gotten from fans to his efforts to always push the envelope. And he cited a quote from Peter F. Drucker, an author and management consultant: “Quality has no finish line.”

“If you are going to do something, do it to the best of your ability,” he said. “Don’t half ass anything. If you are in school, do the best that you can. If you are playing football, soccer, whatever your passion is, give it your all.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Is a Major Family Man

It is only fitting that Hauser would take in a game with his whole family. As his Instagram posts attest, Hauser is a family man at heart. His wife Cynthia Hauser’s posts suggest much the same thing. On National Sons Day, Cynthia posted a picture of two boys who could pass for time-lapse versions of a young Cole, but who were in fact the actor’s sons, Ryland and Colt.

But you can also guess the parentage of daughter Steely Rose, who has Cynthia’s smile, as a picture of the actor’s three kids illustrates. Steely is a pistol, and a formidable basketball player, according to public comments from her proud parents.  

Hauser clearly gives his all to parenting, and while he sometimes has to parent from a distance while he’s shooting “Yellowstone” or working on movies, he told People last year that the coronavirus pandemic has taught him “just how important it is to take advantage of family.” And by the looks of things, that’s how he’s passing his time in Florida.