‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Gives Ominous Prediction About Rip Living in John Dutton’s Home

by Thad Mitchell

The latest episode of “Yellowstone” gave a couple of twists and turns that could go in a several directions as the season concludes.

It’s nothing new for “Yellowstone” fans and we have learned to expect the unexpected. Some characters on the show have seemingly not learned that lesson -specifically Rip Wheeler. The big and bad cowboy was caught by surprise when John Dutton asks him and Beth, along with Carter, to move into his lodge. There is plenty of space for all in the humongous lodge, but space is the least of Rip’s concerns. It is easy to tell by Rip’s reaction to John’s question that he’s a bit rattled and unsure. John has been his boss, mentor and father figure for decades and Rip really looks up to John. Is it a bright idea to move into your future father-in-law’s house with your crazy fiancee and an orphaned kid you barely know? Clearly, Rip has reservations about moving into the big house.

Cole Hauser, the actor portraying Rip Wheeler, also notes his character is struggling with the notion. It is important to John Dutton that his family all live under one roof. With Kayce, Monica and Tate gone, he’s turned to Rip, Beth and Carter, to provide him company. Rip, however, is struggling with the concept.

“John kind of springs on him, basically, you know, ‘I would love for you guys to come live with me,’” Hauser says. “Having to live with your boss as well as have a relationship with his daughter, I think it’s a little stressful for Rip – and uncomfortable. That idea of living in that mansion on a hill, it’s never been in his future.”

The wording of that last part is very interesting. What could “never been his future” mean?

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Just Two More Episodes Left

We’re in the home stretch of season four and several characters have big decisions to make. Rip is certainly one of them.

As we saw in the last episode, dinners rarely go smoothly for the Dutton family. Rip learned that the hard way his first night in the “Yellowstone” lodge. It is likely we’ve not seen the last of the dinner table drama — and that’s just fine with fans.

John and Rip currently have more pressing issues than moving in together. The two arrive at a diner where a dangerous situation is brewing. We don’t know exactly what’s going down in the diner, but a teaser for the next episode reveals that Garrett Randall is also present. This shocking revelation has “Yellowstone” fans giddy with excitement. It is the showdown that we’ve been waiting for all season.

We’ll see what path Rip decides to take in these final two episodes and we can’t wait.