‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Glorious 1970 Chevelle Is Straight Up Badass

by Thad Mitchell

In a cast dotted with star power and tremendous actors, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser stands out for his work on the show.

On the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” Cole Hauser plays the rough and tough bunkhouse leader Rip Wheeler. It doesn’t get much more badass than the character of Rip Wheeler and we can’t wait to see what the new season has for him. Rip is a rough and tough cowboy who oversees projects taking place on “Yellowstone” Ranch. He’s a more than capable cowboy and is the leader of the ranch’s bunkhouse crew, a team of cowboys charged with maintaining the huge ranch. Rip knows his way around the cattle ranch and exerts his authority sternly but fairly. He isn’t someone you want to run afoul of and few have tried to test him. A large and burl man, Rip doesn’t lose any fights that he doesn’t throw to appease his boss, John Dutton. But while he is a fine cowboy, his true value to the ranch is his role as the enforcer for the Dutton family. It’s in the role that Rip earns his keep and he has no qualms about taking out the Dutton’s enemies. He’s a man who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for the family — and he gets his hands dirty often.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Cole Hauser is a pretty normal guy with a pretty normal life. While he’s not much like Rip off-screen, the badassery of his character is there when he calls upon it. If you need proof, just check out Hauser’s brand new ride.

“Look what finally showed up!” he says in the social media post. “1970 Chevelle SS 🇺🇸 best kinda music 454.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Shows Off New Whip

Just look at that thing…I think I’m in love. Do you think he would let me take for a spin sometime?

All jokes aside — the “Yellowstone” star has a sweet new ride that he certainly appears to be proud of.

With the fourth of “Yellowstone” arriving next month, fans are anxious to see Cole Hauser and Rip back in our lives. What will the brand new season have in store for our favorite cowboy?

From recently released teaser trailers we know that Rip is the first to come upon a dying John Dutton. In the trailer, Rip begs John to hang on to dear life while he tries to get him medical help. Much of the season four storyline is likely to revolve around just what happens next. You also have to think that big Rip will not be happy when he discovers who attacked his adoptive family. We want to see Rip bashing some heads and perhaps make a few trips to the “train station.”

We’ll find out when season four of “Yellowstone” premieres on November 7