‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Honors First Responders Who Sacrificed Their Lives on 9/11

by Thad Mitchell
'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser Honors First Responders Who Sacrificed Their Lives on 9/11
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Like so many others are doing today, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser is remembering the events of 9/11, its victims and those who sacrificed everything.

Millions of Americans are recalling the events of one of the most tragic days in our country’s history. The “Yellowstone” star is one of the numerous public figures to honor the fallen. In a social media post, Hauser says those who lost loved ones to 9/11 a very much on his mind today. The actor says heroes emerged from that fateful day who gave everything to help save complete strangers.

“I would like to honor today all the first responders who helped save lives and gave their life on 9/11,” Hauser says in his social media post. “To families of the innocent people who passed away in the Twin Towers, flight 93 and the Pentagon. I am thinking of you today.”

The “Yellowstone” star’s Saturday post took in well over 25,000 “likes” in under an hour of going live. It isn’t a surprise that it also saw hundred of comments as most everyone was affected by 9/11 in some fashion. Hauser’s fans and social media followers also shared their 9/11 experiences as well.

“My uncle went to work that morning,” a fan writes. “Seemingly another regular day. Only it wasn’t. He never went home. Never, ever forget.”

“Never forget the victims of the attack and never forget the heroes,” another says in the comments. “Freedom isn’t free and evil persists and now proliferates today in the very country from which this attack was organized over twenty years ago.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Looks Forward to Season Four

“Yellowstone” fans are amped to for the return of their favorite show later this year on Sunday, November 7. The cast and crew, including Cole Hauser, are also super excited to get back to the Dutton Ranch.

On “Yellowstone” Hauser plays fan-favorite Rip Wheeler to perfection. A rough and tumble cowboys all the way through, Hauser also gives Rip a softer side — though we rarely get to see it. A more than capable cowboy, Rip also serves as an enforcer for the powerful Dutton cattle ranching family. With no qualms about doing the family’s dirty work, Rip often easily dispatches the Dutton’s enemy. Blessed with brute strength and intimidating size, there are not many characters on “Yellowstone” that want to cross Rip. If they did — they likely won’t be around long enough to talk about.

Fans of “Yellowstone” are curious to see what the future holds for Rip and the Dutton family. With the events of the third season finale, it’s hard to imagine Rip not taking matters into his own hands. It’s what fans want to see in season four — Rip Wheeler busting head and avenging the attack on his adopted family.