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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Is ‘Amazed’ by Beth and Rip Cosplayers

by Courtney Blackann

After the success of “Yellowstone,” fans are definitely playing up the Rip and Beth love story. This is demonstrated by the number of people that have dressed as Beth and Rip for Halloween. For actor Cole Hauser, he says he’s always amused by the people who want to portray the characters.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hauser opened up about how surprised he is that Rip and Beth have become such icons.

“To see the show and the growth of it, and the growth of the character[s] and how it has kind of struck a chord in America is pretty amazing,” Hauser says. “It’s pretty amazing to watch people dress up as Rip and Beth for Halloween. Ultimately, it has been a wild kind of ride. But very cool to see.”

However, to us fans of the show, it seems like a natural step that people would emulate “Yellowstone’s” most notable couple. They’re both battling personal conflict, they are both ruthless and they both can’t get enough of each other. They’ve become the love story we all crave.

Hauser says he loves how much Beth and Rip’s relationship resonates with the show’s fans. And he’s just excited that their connection translates so well.

“Yellowstone” Star Discusses Character

Further, Hauser shares the details of his character and how he’s adapting to becoming Rip Wheeler. Not only does Taylor Sheridan lay out a poignantly relevant story to the 21st century, but he also brings all the western drama with a modern spin. Rip is not excluded from this. He and Beth don’t have a TV in their living space and they eat dinner at the table, but they’re a full-on power couple with modern tools to get the job done.

Hauser says that he’s grateful to Sheridan for allowing him to portray all the different colors of Rip. And he does it in a way that audiences can still connect with.

“The great thing about Rip is that there are a ton of different colors that Taylor [Sheridan] has allowed me to play,” he explained. “Obviously, there’s the dark side of him. The love, the romance, the passion, the friendship, the loyalty.”

As “Yellowstone” season four prepares to wrap up, there are plenty of surprises left. The first three seasons introduced the Duttons and their infamous ranch. Since then, Sheridan has led us all on a journey of ups and downs that have left us reeling.

The complete series will air a marathon on the Paramount Network on December 31 beginning at noon eastern time. That means there is another chance to binge everything “Yellowstone” and relive the crazy ups and downs.

As for the Duttons, they’re always in a bit of trouble but they manage to pull through – which is exactly what we’re hoping for in the season finale. You’ll just have to subscribe to Paramount+ if you want to see the drama continue to unfold.