‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Knows Exactly Why Rip Wheeler Is a Big Hit With Female Fans

by Jon D. B.

It’s not just about the looks, cowboys. In fact, Yellowstone‘s Cole Hauser says the love for Rip Wheeler goes much deeper.

To the surprise of many, Rip Wheeler has become the definitive Yellowstone character. Cole Hauser has been in the business for a long time; an oft-slept-on talent waiting for his full potential to be tapped. His breakout role on the best Modern Western around would do exactly that, making Hauser and his morality-bending enforcer household names.

But a few minutes spent online in any Yellowstone community reveal a whole lot more. Specifically, how much female fans have taken to the tall, dark, and handsome cowboy. Its’ no enigma to the actor, either, as he’s got a pretty solid idea of why “the ladies” gravitate to Rip Wheeler the way they do. And it all has to do with the heart beating inside the big ol’ grizzly bear of a man.

So what are those attractive inner qualities? “I mean, s–t, there’s a lot of ’em,” Hauser tells Taste of Country ahead of Season 4. “I would say loyalty. honor, love — those three alone, I think most women are looking for in a relationship with a man.”

Many ‘a woman and man would agree with this, surely. Sex, gender, and everything else aside, we all want someone who holds honor and love to the standards of Rip Wheeler.

The Yellowstone actor also believes “the kind of passion that he has for Beth, and the way he loves her, which is unequivocal,” factors in the same way, too.

Rip Brings out the Fire in All ‘Yellowstone’ Fans, Male or Female

Yet Cole Hauser is also quick to address that same prior point above. “I think it’s men, as well,” he continues for the trade. When Hauser is approached on the streets, he says, it’s just as many men coming up to rave on Rip as it is women.

The response I’ve gotten [from] both sides for this character has been pretty wild.”

No surprise there, either. Yellowstone is a testosterone-fueled American fever dream of a Western. And we love every second of. But as Hauser pinpoints, this goes far beyond the high-octane action and swapping of furrowed brows.

“I think the way that he expresses his emotion, the friendship that he’s expressed, the loyalty to the family,” Hauser says of Rip’s appeal. “I think all of those things.”

In other words, Rip embodies it all. Whether wanting to be with Rip, be Rip himself, or have a friend like him, the character speaks to that primal urge in humans to reach our full potential; something Rip himself would say he hasn’t mastered. But he sure as hell has everyone else fooled.

Cole Hauser will return as Rip Wheeler for Yellowstone Season 4 come Sunday, November 7. His words of advice there?

“Everybody’s gonna get f**ked up.”