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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Looks Forward to Season 5 in New Message to Fans

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fourth season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has come and went and now fans are facing the show’s offseason.

What will “Yellowstone” fans do to fill the time? Talk about season five, of course.

Though we don’t know the exact date yet, the fifth season of “Yellowstone” is likely on its way later this year. The fourth season left fans with tons of questions that will fit perfectly into the new season’s narratives. Fans of the ridiculously popular show have already begun the countdown to the fifth season. In the meantime, “Yellowstone” fans will flock to social media and internet forum sites to get their modern west fix. But it isn’t just the fans that are working up excitement for a brand new season. Numerous “Yellowstone” cast members have already declared that they will return in season five. One of those actors is Cole Hauser, who fans know as the ruthless bunkhouse leader Rip Wheeler. Hauser took to social media on Tuesday to thank fans for making season four a success.

“See y’all in season five!” Hauser says in the Instagram post. “Thank you for being the best fans and the continued support of Yellowstone and making us number one in all the land.”

In a true testament to the popularity of “Yellowstone,” Hauser’s social media post drew more than 70,000 “likes” in under an hour. One of those came from Hauser’s “Yellowstone” co-star Kelly Reilly who echoes his sentiments about the show’s fan base.

The best fans of any show ever,” the Beth Dutton actress says in the comments section of the post. “So Loyal and passionate.”

Loyal and passionate are two perfect words to describe “Yellowstone” fans.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Five Is In The Works

In a bittersweet moment, we had to say goodbye to the fourth season of “Yellowstone” which gave us so many exciting moments.

Hauser’s portrayal of Rip Wheeler earns high marks from fans and critics, alike. We got to see new sides of Rip this season as he toned down the brutality and show a more nurturing side.

The season came to a close with a makeshift wedding that officially makes Rip and Beth Dutton man and wife. It was an emotional moment for fans and one that we have been anticipating for a while.

Rip and Beth are also taking parental roles with “Yellowstone” newcomer Carter. Beth reminds Carter that he will never have another mother in the finale, but it is clear that she and her new husband are watching over the youngster.

The future looks bright for the young and unorthodox family and we can’t wait to see season five will have for them.