‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Moves to Florida With His Family, And His Wife Couldn’t Be Happier

by Lauren Boisvert

As the (unofficial) representative of Florida here at Outsider, I’d like to formally welcome Cole Hauser and his family back to the Sunshine State. Here are your complementary orange groves, and an alligator will be delivered to your swimming pool promptly.

Jokes aside, Cole Hauser, his wife Cynthia Hauser, and their children have moved back to Florida. Cynthia posted about the move on Instagram. There, she and Hauser also recently celebrated their middle son’s 14th birthday. Now, she wrote, “This picture truly captures how happy I am to be living in my home state again. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would move back to Florida. Thank @colehauser22 for always making my dreams a reality.”

Cynthia–who recently snapped a sweet pic of Hauser and their daughter–is originally from Gainesville, FL; but, from the photo, they don’t look at all landlocked. Gainesville, home of the University of Florida Gators and not much else, is smack-dab in the middle of Orlando and Tallahassee. It’s a considerable drive to get to either coast, as it is to get anywhere in Florida. But, from the looks of Cynthia Hauser’s photo, they’re on a beautiful coastal terrace.

Judging by a previous post about her oldest son, it seems like the family possibly moved to Jensen Beach, part of Port St. Lucie on the East coast of Florida. The previous post featured a shoutout about the Hausers’ son Ryland taking part in FSU football recruiting. I imagine that must be difficult for Cynthia, being from Gainesville and all.

Cynthia isn’t the only Floridian going back to her home state, though; although Cole Hauser was born in Santa Barbara, CA and grew up briefly on a farm in Oregon, his mother moved her family to Clearwater, FL when Hauser was young. It was a move Hauser has said he “wouldn’t wish on anyone.” And yet, here he is, back in Florida with his own family.

Cole Hauser Once Spoke About Growing Up In Florida, Yet His Memories Were Not Too Fond

I imagine coming from a ranch in Oregon to the stark realities of Florida is a bit of a shock to the system. Cole Hauser’s parents divorced when he was two; at four years old, his mother moved the family to a 1,500-acre ranch in Eugene, Oregon. It was a child’s paradise; roaming the property, BB gun in hand, getting to know the many animals on the ranch.

But, then, his mother, who he described as someone reluctant to settle down anywhere, moved Hauser, his sister, and half-brother to Clearwater, Florida. I can’t imagine coming from a sprawling ranch in Oregon to grid system roads and dry palm trees.

The family moved from California to Oregon to Florida and back to California over a 12-year span. Although he had no love for the move from Oregon to Florida, he has now settled down there with his family. May they enjoy the uniquely beautiful Florida sunsets for many years to come.