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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Opens Up About Wife’s Opinion on Him Becoming Sex Symbol

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser discussed his wife’s thoughts on him portraying the sex symbol that Rip Wheeler has become.

The Season 4 finale of “Yellowstone” airs this Sunday, January 2nd. Gearing up for its big finish, Cole Hauser sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about his role on the show. The 46-year old actor enjoys playing Rip Wheeler, a cowboy with a complicated past. Working his way up from ranch hand to foreman, viewers learn more about Wheeler as the show progresses.

Although his character has a brutal past, fans see him as a sex symbol on “Yellowstone.” Entertainment Tonight’s Cassie DiLaura asks Hauser what his wife, Cynthia Daniel, thinks about him becoming a cowboy heartthrob.

“She doesn’t see any of that,” he begins. “She is one of those amazing women, she’s been with me for so long that she knows the ins and outs of what we do.”

He goes on to say that his wife is friends with Hauser’s onscreen partner, Kelly Reilly.

“She loves Kelly, they get along great. You know, it’s a small family and she [his wife, Cynthia Daniel] comes up to Montana so it’s pretty easy.”

The couple has been happily married since 2006. Daniel is a successful photographer and former actress herself, known for her role as Elizabeth Wakefield in the 1990s teen drama “Sweet Valley High.” They live in Florida with their three children, Ryland, Colt, and Steely Rose.

Cole Hauser on “Yellowstone” Popularity

Cole Hauser is happy to see the success of “Yellowstone” offscreen. In his interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cassie DiLaura asks the actor how it feels to see the fans wearing merch and bringing their passion for the characters into their daily lives.

“What do you make of all of the social media reactions to the cowboys?” she asks. “You know, people who are walking around airports in shirts with Rip on them…what do you think about all of it?”

“To see the show and the growth of it, and the growth of the character[s] and how it has kind of struck a chord in America is pretty amazing,” Hauser says. “It’s pretty amazing to watch people dress up as Rip and Beth for Halloween. Ultimately, it has been a wild kind of ride. But very cool to see.”

At the end of the video, he says he would be open to a Rip and Beth spinoff series. He thinks there are many more stories to tell. He is excited for fans to keep watching.

“If [the opportunity] presented itself, of course, I’d definitely entertain that.”

Tune into the Season 4 finale of “Yellowstone” this Sunday, January 2nd on Paramount Network.