‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Posts Hilarious Vacation Video With Family: ‘Country Boy in the Keys’

by Jon D. B.

It’s a gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend with the Hausers! The Yellowstone star’s latest update highlights the family’s Florida Keys vacation, with both his boys being, well, boys!

“Country boy in the Keys 😂 ,”Cole Hauser captions his Sunday Instagram post. Right off the bat, we see Hauser’s oldest son, Colt, flailing about in the crystal-clear Keys. As he pans around the beautiful locale, we’re greeted by his wife, Cynthia, and their youngest son, Ryland. The handsome couple also has a tiny daughter, Steely Rose, who must be elsewhere living her best life.

Even in the Florida Keys, however, Cole Hauser cannot escape Rip Wheeler. Not that any actor with such a fantastic part would want to, but fans are loving seeing “Rip in the Keys.”

“Another reason I love the Keys. Rip Wheeler is there a lot 😍,” replies fan Lisa.

Hundreds of fans are commenting on the Rip Wheeler actor’s latest post to his official Instagram. Follower Deb adds that it’s “Good to see you and your family enjoying the fruits of your labor. Speaking of which the Yellowstone Marathon is on now this whole weekend. Good to see it again. Been a spell. Enjoy!”

And Cole’s top comment reads “We love Rip. Can’t wait for Yellowstone #4. Thanks for sharing him with us!” via fan Anita.

We second all of the above, Anita!

‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser is a Family Man to His Core

The two beautiful Hauser actors,Yellowstone‘s Cole Hauser and upcoming Cheaper By The Dozen remake’s Cynthia, look as happy as they come. The family has been down in Florida for quite some time now, too. On May 21, Cynthia posted a sweet shot of the two together in the Keys.

And as all Yellowstone fans will note by the photo, Cole Hauser looks absolutely nothing like Rip Wheeler in his day-to-day life! We already knew this, of course, as avid fans here at Outsider. We’ve even written on the subject quite extensively. But enough about Rip (if there is such a thing), this lovely shot of two lovebirds is the topic of the day. Seeing Cole Hauser smile is always a worthwhile endeavor considering how rare he gets to on Yellowstone.

To this end, we post frequently on Hauser’s family life, as they seem to be a terrific bunch. This is in no small part due to the actor’s dedication to his lovely family. Speaking to Havok Journal last year, he told the trade that “work and family” are his biggest passions.

“I am always making time for each and every one of my children and also my wife, also, as a family together,” he told the trade. “I am good about making time for the whole family. You have to figure that balance out. But as a father and a husband you have to make the time and work just as hard at it.”

Good man!