‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Posts Wholesome Dad Photo, Update About Son Getting Driver’s License

by Thad Mitchell

On the ever-popular “Yellowstone,” Cole Hauser has risen to fame as the tough but lovable ranch hand Rip Wheeler.

Hauser plays Yellowstone Ranch’s foreman and resident tough guy to near perfection. In addition to his role on the ranch, Rip serves as the muscle behind the powerful Dutton family. Last season, Hauser showed us some nuance to the character by allowing a look at Rip’s softer side.

While he is more comfortable bashing heads than having heart-to-heart talks, Rip shows his affectionate side in conversations with Beth Dutton, Lloyd and his dead mother last season.

Off-screen, Hauser identifies with both facets of his “Yellowstone” character. He has been married for 15 years and has a young and growing family, including three young children. He took to social media on Thursday to congratulate his oldest son, Ryland, on a major life achievement.

“Look out world,” Hauser writes in the post’s caption space. “Guess who has his driving license? @ryhauser to amazing adventures my boy.”

Hauser also tags his wife, Cynthia Daniel, in the Instagram post and proclaims himself to be a “proud dad.” Fans of the “Yellowstone” actor were quick to congratulate Ryland as well, taking to the post’s comments section to wish him well. The post took in more than 1,000 “likes” only a few minutes after going live.

Yellowstone Fans Eager for Show, Rip to Return

Hauser is currently filming for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” as the hit show will return this summer. An exact starting date has yet to be determined by many points to the month of June as a potential starting point.

Rip figures to heavily factor into the upcoming new season of the modern western series. Season Three ended on a sour note for the Dutton family with John, Kayce and Beth coming under attack from an unknown entity. Fiercely loyal to the Duttons, Rip will likely be on the war path once he discovers who is behind the attacks.

Many show followers hope that Beth, Rip’s fiancee, survives the attack and we get a “Yellowstone” wedding this season. With the new season rapidly approaching, answers are coming soon.