‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Remembers Meeting Woman That Named Her Son After Rip Wheeler

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Oh, the stories that Yellowstone star Cole Hauser can tell about meeting some fans who love Rip Wheeler. They love his character. In fact, Hauser and show creator Taylor Sheridan visited Fort Worth, Texas, for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo recently. It’s one of the biggest shows in the country and Cowtown, a nickname for Fort Worth, is the place to be. At least it was at this time for Cole Hauser.

‘Yellowstone’ Rip Wheeler Actor Cole Hauser Shares Interesting Interaction With Fan

He talks about an interaction with a couple of them. “All I can say is thank God for the Fort Worth Police,” Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone, says. “Not to sound like an a**hole, but I felt a little bit like Elvis. Women—especially after they’ve had a few drinks…” He lets that hang. “Well, it can get a little strange.” We get more from the Belleville News-Democrat.

Yet the Yellowstone star did say that fan interaction has been respectful. And it can also lead to some interesting meetings. Let’s get this story from him about one fan’s introduction…with her son. “I was sitting at the rodeo, and this woman comes up to me with her brand-new baby—and she says to me, ‘This is Rip,’” Hauser says. “I’d seen a couple of crazy girls tattoo him on their arms, but this was something else. Taylor and I just looked at each other. We both felt honored. I mean, that was pretty cool.”

Obviously, if you watch Yellowstone, then you know that Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler. His character has been going through deepening his relationship with Beth Dutton, his wife. The synergy between both Hauser and Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, is amazing to behold.

Hauser Has To Focus On His Fitness At Some Point For His Role

Hauser discussed this in an interview with Deadline. “As far as Kelly and I and our relationship not only onscreen but offscreen, I mean, I feel like and I hope she feels the same way,” he said. “And I think we’ve talked about it throughout interviews several times but I just feel free with her to do whatever we want to do as creative souls.”

In order to play Rip, though, Hauser has to get in shape. There’s a difference between being in gym shape and what is termed “horse shape.” He talked about it with Men’s Journal.

“The best way to get ready for those days is to put the time in, and spend many hours riding,” Hauser said. “Following a full day of riding everything is going to hurt, especially your back, hips, and legs. … Being in horse shape is a lot different than being in gym shape.”