‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Remembers Taking ‘F*** Off Class’ Where He ‘Fell in Love With Acting’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

We all had our favorite classes and subjects in school, whether that was high school, trade school, college, etc. However, for “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser, his is surely the acting class he deemed his “f—k-off class” where he “fell in love with acting.”

During an interview with the Belleville News-Democrat, the Rip Wheeler actor took time to discuss his role on the show. He also explored some of the events that led to his contemporary success.

After multiple moves across the country, Cole Hauser shared that at 12, he and his mother relocated to California. While in school there, the “Yellowstone” actor enrolled in the acting class that he took basically as an easy fulfillment.

He shared with the outlet that he really didn’t have a genuine interest in the acting class. “[I]t was just a f—k-off class,” Cole Hauser said. He added, “There were good-looking girls and you do a few plays.” But in the end, Hauser “fell in love with acting and caught the bug.”

While Cole Hauser navigated the class, he shared with his mother his desire to pursue acting as a career. At that, the “Yellowstone” actor saw quite the surprise. His revelation leads her to reveal her maiden name, Warner, as in Warner Bros. film production company. That meant Cole Hauser was a direct descendent of Hollywood Royalty.

Cole Hauser Details Breaking His Back, Getting Back in the Saddle

Acting falls under the humanities category when it comes to classes and learning and as such, it often becomes taken less seriously by more left-brained individuals. However, as an actor with some serious projects beneath his belt, “Yellowstone’s” Cole Hauser can vouch that there is nothing easy about acting.

In fact, when it comes to Cole Hauser’s more recent roles, acting doesn’t only include memorizing a script and adopting a character’s personality traits. It often includes genuine ranch work and cowboy skills.

While filming for the 2020 film “The Last Champion,” Cole Hauser suffered an intense fall that left him with a broken back. And though literally getting back in the saddle was initially daunting for the “Yellowstone” actor, as it would be for anybody, he shared that it was just the thing he needed.

Each year before filming for Taylor Sheridan‘s hit neo-Western begins, all of the “Yellowstone” cast members are required to partake in an annual cowboy camp. And while Cole Hauser has participated in the cast-wide event before, it was definitely difficult for him to face after breaking his back.

“It was like the old saying,” he shared with the news outlet. “F—k it, you just gotta get back on the horse and do it.”

However, it wasn’t quite that simple. He further said, “My back was so bad, I couldn’t move around very well, and so I lost strength in my stomach.” However, “what riding ended up doing is strengthening my back and my core.”