‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Reveals New Character’s Start on Show Is ‘Tough Treadin”

by John Jamison

Australian actor Finn Little joins the “Yellowstone” cast in Season 4 as young buck Carter. Much like Rip Wheeler’s (Cole Hauser) own beginnings on the Dutton family ranch, Carter doesn’t have many other options. In a new promotional video revolving around Little’s addition to the show, Cole Hauser drops fans a little hint about what to expect from the new character’s story.

In the Instagram video, Hauser refers to Carter’s beginnings on the ranch as “tough treadin’.” If there’s any character on “Yellowstone” who knows a thing or two about hard times, it’s Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. He came to the Dutton Ranch only after losing his mom and brother to a murderous father that Rip himself killed.

Hopefully, Carter’s origins aren’t quite as dark. Regardless, he is a kid without a home and will run into plenty of challenges finding one with the Duttons.

“Finn is great. I mean, he’s a natural, the kid. It doesn’t start easy for him. It’s tough treadin’,” Cole Hauser says in the promo.

According to Deadline, Carter’s position on the ranch comes at the behest of Beth Dutton. Unable to have children of her own, Beth may come to see Carter as a child she and Rip can have a hand in raising. We don’t know precisely how Finn Little’s character will factor into Season 4 of “Yellowstone.” But he’s signed on as a series regular and will undoubtedly play a significant role.

The Instagram video also gives a few short looks at some Season 4 scenes involving the new Carter character.

“Life kind of robbed me of my options,” Finn Little’s Carter says during an episode after being asked if he wants to be a cowboy.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans React to Rip Wheeler’s Father Potential

It’s safe to say “Yellowstone” fans are excited about the prospect of Beth and Rip helping to raise an orphaned kid.

“A mini RIP probably! He’s so cute! Can’t wait to watch! Welcome to Yellowstone,” an adoring fan commented on the Instagram post.

“Great way to shake things up. Is it November yet?!” another added, speaking for pretty much all of us.

Excited as many fans are for the new addition, not everyone shares the enthusiasm.

“Hopefully, this will be a good thing and not like usual when they add the extra kid to an already successful show, where it’s the beginning of the end. I’m reserving judgement,” one dubious “Yellowstone” fan commented.

Season 4 Kicks Off November 7

We know. The wait is unbearable. Based on what we’ve seen from Taylor Sheridan and the whole “Yellowstone” team thus far, however, the wait for Season 4 promises to be worth it.

Fans can catch the two-hour season premiere on Sunday, November 7.