‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Reveals Next Major Projects in the Works

by Blake Ells

Cole Hauser is spreading his wings beyond the walls of Yellowstone. In a new interview with Cigar and Spirits, he is talking about projects that he has ahead. While one of the projects that he revealed seems like familiar territory, the other is a bit of a different direction.

“I have many that I have been working on for the last eight, nine months,” he said. “We’re just going out with a show called Chosin, which is about the Korean War and about the Chosin Reservoir, which is one of the most brutal battles in the history of our country against the Chinese. We’re developing a TV show, and it’ll be shot in Korea. Then, there’s The Westies, which I wrote and am going to direct. It’s about the Irish mob in 1975 until the 80s, and the rise and fall of their reign in New York, and scaring the [expletive] out of the Italians and police for a few years.”

He discussed a lot in the interview. He also spent time talking about how the character of Rip on Yellowstone is a lot like him.

“His backstory is one that’s been worked on by Taylor [Sheridan] and I,” he said. “Taylor’s imagination and some of my past with my own family and my own father. Taylor has become a really good friend, and he knows a lot about my family and what I’ve gone through. He hasn’t used all of it, but he has used some of it to trigger certain things in my as an actor and also in Rip. Taylor’s done a wonderful job of exploring who Rip is, what gets him going, the blackness in his heart, the red that’s still there. It’s been fun to play those different colors throughout the years.”

Cole Hauser Is Ready for the Fifth Season of ‘Yellowstone’

The Yellowstone phenomenon has blown up from coast to coast, and the fifth season is sure to be one of the biggest. It’s leading to tons of other opportunities for Cole Hauser. In addition to the two new projects that he’s signed on to, he has another he’s looking at.

“There’s also a film I want to do in Southeast Asia called Lost Soldiers,” he said. “It’s basically post-Vietnam, about a former soldier who’s been working for the government bringing the North Vietnamese and Americans out of the war and into conversations about moving forward. Those are really the projects I’m focused on right now.”

Yellowstone’s fifth season is set to debut on November 13. New cast members will join. Some will head to the train station. The show has more eyes on it than ever before. We can’t wait.

“You and 300 million Americans,” Hauser joked.