‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Reveals If Rip Could View Carter as His Son

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

On Yellowstone, Rip (Cole Hauser) and Carter (Finn Little) had a rough beginning. Beth (Kelly Reilly) had just brought Carter home when Rip arrived, dragged him back out, and informed Carter indignantly that he wasn’t about to settle into their home just because he “puppy-dogged” his lady.

But after leaving Carter by the side of the road, Rip had second thoughts, and now, most of the way through Season 4, the ice has started to thaw. A recent episode of Yellowstone featured a grinning Rip tousling Carter’s hair affectionately as the youngster beat a table full of seasoned ranch hands at poker.

Now Entertainment Tonight is asking the question on many fans’ minds: Could Rip grow to love Carter as a son? Especially given his own arrival at the Dutton Ranch as a wayward youth, will he find some kinship with Carter?

“I think there’s potential for it,” Hauser said. “I mean, you know, Rip, as you’ve seen throughout the years, he’s— it’s tough love. And I think the thing with him is it takes time. I think that’s just who he is. And I think, over time – it might not be Season 4, might be Season 5 – but you might see that. I mean, it’s really up to [series co-creator] Taylor [Sheridan].”

Watch Hauser explain Rip’s “tough love” philosophy here (at 6:00):

Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser Describes Fun, Intensity on Set

By now, the Yellowstone cast has formed a family of sorts – a happy one that likes to horse around from time to time. But shooting the show can also be pretty intense. Speaking to ET, Hauser described that duality, saying some days are a rollicking good time while others demand intense focus from all the cast and crew.

“It depends on the day,” Hauser told ET. “Some days we’re cuttin’ it up, havin’ a good time, you know, because we’re on horses… Usually when Taylor – Travis – is there, you know, he’ll bring in, like, a case of beer, and we’ll slide horses, and we’ll just have a good time. And he’ll shoot it, you know. And those are the great kind of moments that we all have as kind of a family. You know, just cowboyin’, you know, chase deers, and you know, just be boys, I guess.”

“And then there’s those days that you come in and the scenes are extremely intense,” he went on. “Everybody’s focused, and they’ve got their game face on.”

From the trailer, the Season 4 finale tonight looks to be one of the more intense episodes. Will Rip confront Beth over her moment with Walker (Ryan Bingham) last episode? Where will Beth go now that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has told her to find a new home? And what does it mean for Carter if she has to leave? Looks like there’s no shortage of suspense leading up to the season finale. Tune in to the Paramount Network tonight at 8 p.m. ET to find out what happens.