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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Says There Is Nothing Rip Wouldn’t Do for John Dutton

by Leanne Stahulak
Photo credit: Paramount Network Press Gallery

One of the most heartwarming relationships on “Yellowstone” isn’t a romantic one, but rather the father-son relationship between John and Rip.

In earlier seasons, fans learned the truth about Rip’s family. His father murdered his mother and younger brother, leaving Rip with no choice but to kill his father or die by his hand. He hid out on the Dutton Ranch, where John found him. Rather than turn Rip over to the police, John gave him the chance to start over.

Ever since then, Rip’s dedicated his life to John and the Duttons. He understands the chance he was given, not only to live anew but do something he loves doing. Rip naturally took to cowboying and ranching, under the guidance of John and other ranch hands. And he’ll spend every day fighting for that chance until he dies.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser talked a bit about Rip’s unwavering loyalty to John Dutton. The interviewer mentioned how there’s nothing Rip “wouldn’t do” for John, and Hauser agreed.

“For Rip, John is the beginning, middle, and end. Other than Beth,” Hauser explained. “And the family, for that matter. Anybody that wants to mess with the Dutton family, he would take out for sure.”

Though Beth and Rip’s relationship started out rocky, it’s slowly bloomed into something real and unbreakable. And, by extension, that means Rip’s relationship with the other Duttons on “Yellowstone” has only grown too. So it’s safe to say that Rip will always be in their corner, no matter what.

Except, what will Rip do if the Duttons are divided?

Could Rip Be Forced to Choose Sides on Tonight’s ‘Yellowstone’ Finale?

This is a situation we haven’t seen much of in the first four “Yellowstone” seasons. Sure, Beth and John have almost always opposed Jamie. And Kayce and John had their differences in the beginning. But in all of those instances, it was simple for Rip to pick sides. Beth and John, always.

But on the last episode of “Yellowstone,” John and Beth got into a huge fight. Big enough that he kicked her off the ranch and said he didn’t want her help to save the ranch anymore. This conversation devastated fans, but it especially devastated Beth. We saw her breakdown in an emotional scene, trying to process what just happened with her father.

But, where does that leave Rip? Right now, he and Beth live together on the ranch. Maybe John just meant she was kicked out of the family lodge, so she can stay with Rip in the foreman’s house. But otherwise, will she say goodbye to Rip until the fight with her father blows over? Or will Rip leave the ranch with her?

This seems highly implausible, because like we said above, Rip would do anything for John. The only question that remains is if he would do something for John that would emotionally hurt the love of his life.

Make sure you tune into tonight’s season finale of “Yellowstone” to find out what happens to Rip and the Duttons.