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Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser Shows Love to Disabled Toddler Dressing Up as Rip Wheeler for Halloween

by Chris Haney
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

On Wednesday evening, Yellowstone‘s official Instagram account shared a heartwarming picture of a disabled toddler named Tristan dressed up as actor Cole Hauser’s character Rip Wheeler for Halloween. To make the post even better, Hauser responded to Tristan in a follow-up post and complimented his costume.

Yellowstone shared the photo of the little guy dressed in the spitting image of Wheeler to their Instagram story. Tristan rocked a black button-down collared shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat to match. The mini-Rip Wheeler pulled off the look flawlessly.

The Yellowstone account shared two pictures of Tristan in his Rip costume. The show now even has a “highlight” on the page dedicated to Tristan. The first shared a caption that read, “Remember our friend Tristan?” The second added, “He dressed up like Rip!”

In addition, over the next two posts to Yellowstone‘s Instagram story, Hauser speaks to Tristan and his family in a pair of videos.

“Hey, Tristan. Cole Hauser here. I heard you’re dressing up like me. You’re looking good my man!” Hauser said to Tristan.

“What are you gonna be for Halloween? A little bit of Rip Wheeler I hope,” continued Hauser in the video. “Send me some more pictures [and] videos. God bless, to you and your family.”

Hopefully, Tristan and his family got the message, and Yellowstone fans will see another appearance of mini-Rip Wheeler around Halloween.

Hauser Co-Starring in Action Thriller with Mel Gibson

In other Cole Hauser news, it was recently announced that the actor will be the lead alongside Mel Gibson in a new action thriller.

Hauser has starred in other hit movies including Dazed and Confused, School Ties, Good Will Hunting, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Most recently, the actor starred on the big screen in 2019’s Running with the Devil alongside actors Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne. Additionally, he co-starred in 2018’s Acts of Violence with Bruce Willis.

The new action-thriller project will be headed by director Mark Neveldine who directed 2006’s Crank and its sequel, and 2011’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.