‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Speaks on Rip and Carter’s ‘Great Moment’

by Jonathan Howard

In last night’s new episode of Yellowstone, fans were treated to a great scene in the bunkhouse featuring Rip Wheeler and Carter.

Cole Hauser is the perfect person to play Rip. The show wouldn’t be the same without him. Almost immediately after the scene at the bunkhouse, fans reacted. Twitter was set ablaze due to the fact that Rip rarely laughs. Also, the interaction with Carter is hopefully a sign of good things to come for the young character.

Hauser talked about the moment in the latest Yellowstone Season 4: Behind the Story.

“For where it started with Carter and Rip, to where it ends up,” Hauser started. “I think it’s just a moment where you see Rip being really supportive of Carter. And acknowledging that this kid has some talent when it comes to cards.”

Of course, his talent for cards draws the ire of some of the other bunkhouse members. Teeter goes in on the kid in a joking manner. However, she does it in the way only Teeter can. Then that prompts Carter to respond by asking if someone had cut her tongue out. That accent sure is special.

Rip Likes That Carter Is A Hustler

Now, Rip has his general rough exterior. He doesn’t let his guard down often. However, with Carter now it seems that the cowboy is warming up to the young boy. If that is the case, then we could see some genuine development of Carter’s character on Yellowstone.

One of the things that Rip likes about Carter is his talent for cards. It is also his hustler personality in general. The kid is clearly a survivor.

“He’s a bit of a hustler,” the actor continued. “Rip likes that about him. It’s a nice moment for Carter as well. I mean he’s looking back at me and seeing that I’m proud of him and that he’s whooping everybody’s ass.”

Yellowstone fans loved the moment. Rip and Carter have both had a tough go at things. To see them have a nice moment for even a bit is special. This wasn’t the only scene where Carter was given some attention, either. Perhaps we will be seeing more and more of him as time goes on.

‘Yellowstone’ Patriarch Teaches Carter How to Ride

If you are going to live on the Dutton ranch, then you need to know how to ride a horse. Carter hasn’t had the easiest time since first arriving at the ranch. So, it comes as no surprise that Sunday’s episode was the first time the character had ever hopped up on the saddle.

None other than John Dutton himself took Carter out to ride a bit. This was yet another rite of passage for him during the episode. I’m not sure where the Carter storyline is going to go, but I sure am excited to see it play out.