‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Talks Show’s ‘Grassroots’ Road to Success

by Lauren Boisvert

You wouldn’t usually consider “Yellowstone” a grassroots project, but, when you think about it, its road to success was paved by ordinary people. People who live the ranching lifestyle, or live in those flyover states, or just really like the Western genre. Those people living in middle America gave “Yellowstone” its first fanbase, its real, true start on the path to success across the entire US.

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser recently spoke about this subject specifically, citing the show’s original fanbase during seasons one and two. Speaking with The Playlist recently, Hauser commented on how “Yellowstone” has finally gone mainstream. “Initially it was more of a grassroots kind of feel, you know. Which I kind of think that’s why the show has had the success it’s had is that it’s really built like a core family,” he said. “It started in the middle of the country and built its way, finally, to the edges, in Los Angeles and New York. Like, those people are actually watching it.”

Hauser also touched on how long it took for “Yellowstone” to really get its claws into the casual viewer outside of the middle of the country. But, he also mentioned that he thinks the show was always doing really well. “Well, for many years it wasn’t that way, but I think, you know, after year one. The premiere of the show — we were in Montana and Utah and Texas. I mean, these are places where people love this kind of stuff, so I always felt like it was doing really well. It’s getting more attention now, that’s all.”

Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner Talk Realities of ‘Yellowstone’ Story

“Yellowstone” has always been a hit somewhere, essentially. Now, it’s gone mainstream, and usually, that means selling out to a certain degree. But, Taylor Sheridan has kept his stories honest; he’s telling the stories that he wants to tell, and won’t let anyone tell him how to do his job.

In a recent interview with Sunday Morning, Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner took time to talk about the realities of their show, and how Hollywood killed the Western genre.

“We’re a little violent, we’re a little bit [like] Murder Incorporated, our family. A little bit,” said Costner. He then touched on the history of the Dutton family; including how it tracks with the history of the Montana region. “The ranchers that came here, they didn’t own this land, and they basically banded together and pushed out the Native population.”

He continued, mentioning that, with Westerns, it’s surprisingly easy to gloss over generations of trauma. “It’s still beautiful but it’s very easy to forget the trauma, the things we’ll never recover from.”

Taylor Sheridan, on the other hand, spoke about how difficult it really is to make a show like “Yellowstone.” He said, “Westerns specifically they can look really dumb. They can look obvious. They’re hard to make and that’s the problem. It’s like it’s hard to make a Western that you can relate to.”

But, with the hype surrounding “Yellowstone” now, he seems to have created a series of characters that people aspire to be like. People now want to experience that life that the Duttons have. For better or worse, Taylor Sheridan has created a Western that fans can relate to.