‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Teases Massive ‘Pressure’ Rip Faces in Season 5

by Shelby Scott
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler. Photo Courtesy Paramount Network.

As the most-anticipated season of Yellowstone airs this month, the pressure’s on to bring more excitement, tension, and drama. However, ahead of the Western’s long-awaited two-hour premiere, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser spoke out about his character Rip Wheeler is under massive “pressure” this season.

Cole Hauser recently made an appearance on TODAY with hosts Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly to talk about his role in Yellowstone. While there, he offered his own insight regarding Yellowstone‘s upcoming brand new season. However, during the interview, which you can watch in full below, he emphasized that Rip’s under a lot of pressure. And that’s mainly because of father figure John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) new role as governor.

“I think [Rip’s] not so much worried,” the Yellowstone star explained, “it’s that there’s a lot more pressure on him to, you know, take responsibility as the foreman of the ranch.”

We saw in the trailer, but especially in Yellowstone‘s newest teaser, that Costner’s John isn’t going to be spending nearly as much time at the ranch with Cole Hauser’s Rip as before. And he definitely won’t spend nearly as much time alone with Rip, as he’s done in the past four seasons. Speaking with Beth in a preview, we see Rip ask, “When’s he coming back?”

“Mm, four years?” she sarcastically replies, speaking to the length of the governor’s term.

Overall then, the pressure’s on for Rip to really “step up to the plate.” However, John’s new role also shows how much trust he has in Rip, especially after marrying Beth last season.

Hauser continued, “John is giving him those reigns, so to speak, to show that he’s got the merit to do it.”

We have no doubt that Rip will be just the foreman the Dutton Ranch needs. But, to be certain, tune into the two-hour season premiere of Yellowstone. The episode airs on Sunday, November 13th on Paramount Network.

Cole Hauser Says Things Get More ‘Interesting’ with Beth in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

The central plot of Yellowstone lies in John’s efforts to save the ranch that’s survived generations. However, one of the most important subplots surrounds the fiery relationship between Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler. In general, the onscreen couple’s relationship has always been anything but traditional. But Cole Hauser promised during Yellowstone‘s newest teaser that things will get especially “interesting” for his character and Kelly Reilly‘s.

As one of our favorite TV couples, Cole Hauser has Yellowstone fans riled up, promising in the newest preview that Taylor Sheridan’s writing for season five “sets it up for a very interesting year between Beth and [Rip].”

However, Cole Hauser also pointed out that it’s not just Sheridan’s writing and creative vision that play a major part in Yellowstone’s massive success. It’s also a result of the work of Yellowstone‘s dedicated cast and crew, including Cole Hauser.

“To see a grassroots show…now the No. 1 show on cable is a testament to everybody’s hard work,” Hauser said. Further, it’s that hard work that’s led to such an interesting relationship between Beth and Rip. Just recall their relationship in season one compared to the love we saw in the season four finale.