‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Wife Posts Heartwarming Pic of Their Son With Sweet Message

by Jon D. B.

Cynthia Hauser now has “another shoulder” she can snuggle on thanks to her oldest son, Colt, the spitting image of his Yellowstone star father, Cole Hauser.

By all accounts, the Hausers must be smiling 24-7. In her latest social media update, mom Cynthia Hauser poses for a sweet picture with her son, Colt, and the young man has sprouted like a weed! If he keeps this up, he’ll end up looking exactly like Yellowstone‘s Rip Wheeler.

Well not exactly, though, because – as Outsider has pointed out before – dad Cole Hauser looks absolutely nothing like his character in real life!

Regardless, his wife Cynthia says she has “Another shoulder I can now snuggle on” just like Cole’s. “Love you my sweet 🐻! Excited for all of our new adventures together. #neverstopsmiling,” she captions the Instagram post. Check out the darling shot for yourself below:

Cynthia’s post comes as the family’s latest update from their Florida Keys vacation. The Hausers look to be living their best as they take a break from their busy lives. Indeed, it’s a gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend for the handsome kin as they continue to celebrate togetherness with rays, waves, and good times.

Yellowstone‘s Cole Hauser also has a Sunday update for fans. Labeling his Instagram post as “Country boy in the Keys” with a laughing emoji, we see Hauser’s oldest son, Colt, flailing about in the crystal-clear waters within. As he pans around, we’re greeted by Cynthia and their youngest son, Ryland, who looks to be having a blast.

The Hauser’s have a tiny daughter, Steely Rose, as well. Recently, Cole shared a throwback photo of their two youngest children – and it’s as adorable as fans would expect.

‘Yellowstone’s Hauser Couple are Both Actors

As for Cynthia herself, the mom is as talented as she is beautiful, and is ready to get back into the acting game! In a statement to their joint Instagram account, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Hauser, and her twin sister Brittany are “thrilled to be working on” a new Disney+ remake together.

The remake? Cheaper by the Dozen! For the film, Cynthia Hauser will reunite on-screen with her twin sister, Brittany, who remains a prolific Hollywood actress.

Disney has yet to specify their roles, however. But we do know they’ll join Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff to round out the cast. Together, this update of the classic family comedy will center on a “multiracial, blended family of 12”. They’ll navigate their hectic home life, as one would expect with such a large family. In addition, the remake from ‘Grown-Ish’s executive producer Jenifer Rice-Genzuk will follow the family as they manage their home-grown business together.

For Cynthia Daniel/Hauser, Cheaper by the Dozen marks her first credited role since 2002’s short-lived That 80’s Show. Before the ill-fated sitcom, Cynthia was well known for her roles in Sweet Valley High and The Basketball Diaries, which she featured in opposite lead Leonardo Dicaprio alongside her sister, Brittany.

Now if we can just get Cynthia and Brittany on Yellowstone!