‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Kid Pilots His New Boat in Awesome Vid Set to Ryan Bingham Hit

by Jonathan Howard

While tonight is a big night in the Yellowstone world, star Cole Hauser is kicking back on the water and having fun with his kid while listening to some sweet tunes.

We probably all wish we were out on a warm body of water gliding on a boat and cranking out some Ryan Bingham. Hauser just seems to be enjoying life and doing his own thing.

As the ranch foreman for the Dutton’s Cole’s character Rip Wheeler is not always so laid back. But, then again not much is laid back with the Duttons. So before catching the new episode of Yellowstone tonight, check out this video.

Hauser didn’t even caption the short video. It didn’t need one anyway. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a 10-second video can be worth so much more. It looks like he decided to give the young Hauser on board a turn at steering. The speed was slow and they looked like they were just cruising. The best part has to be the Ryan Bingham playing in the background. Just perfect.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that fishing pole in the back of the boat either. Perhaps the two got some lines in the water and maybe even hooked a couple of fish along the way. Even if they didn’t catch a thing it looks like one of those days you are just happy to be out on the water.

Oh and if you couldn’t tell, that boat is brand spanking new. The Yellowstone actor just showed it off today for the first time.

Cole Hauser’s New Boat Makes All of Us Very Jealous

Hauser got the boat and is now off-riding around with his family. He has to be feeling on top of the world. The boat comes from Team Scout Boats and looks to be outfitted with all kinds of modern pieces.

Just from the video above it looks like a sleek and fun design. I bet it can get up to a decent speed too. According to the Yellowstone star, Huk Gear got Hauser and his crew set up with fishing gear. So, that explains the pole in the back of the boat.

He isn’t riding broncos and wrangling livestock in real life, but I think he’s just happy on the water where he’s at. It looks to be a nice change of pace from the stuff Rip Wheeler is usually getting up to.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Is a Different Rip Wheeler

So far we have had six episodes of the new season. Already we can see that Rip is not who we thought he was. We are used to the tough guy, punch first, ask questions later type vibe from Wheeler. While that has been present, the character has developed a bit of a soft side.

Of course, most of that has to do with his interactions with Beth Dutton. His wife-to-be needs all the support from Wheeler as he can give. Will we keep seeing Rip’s character develop this season on Yellowstone? Watch tonight to find out.