‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Wife Cynthia Shares Adorable Photo With Kids From Last Weekend

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser has a gorgeous family, and fans got to see it firsthand in the latest pic from his wife, Cynthia.

Cynthia Hauser loves posting pictures of her family on Instagram, and we’re not mad about it. It’s wonderful to see the Rip Wheeler actor spending time with his wife and kids outside of the show. Especially when Cole Hauser will be in Montana for the next several months shooting “Yellowstone” Season 5.

But for this latest family pic, we got to see a sweet moment between Cynthia and her oldest and youngest kids. Little Steely Rose is nine years old while her oldest brother Ryland is 17. The two stopped to take a pic with their gorgeous mom and Cynthia shared it on Instagram earlier.

“Oh I love this mama sandwich photo from this past weekend,” Cynthia Hauser captioned the photo. Based on her earlier posts, it looks like the family spent the weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida.

While Cole Hauser didn’t make it into this family photo, the “Yellowstone” star did make it onto Cynthia’s Instagram page last weekend. The two stood side by side near a lake or a pond, rocking some black and white cowboy hats. Despite the familiar hat on Cole, he looked nearly unrecognizable in the photo.

For one thing, he was clean-shaven, not bearded like he is in the show. And Cole Hauser is naturally blonde, dying his hair darker for “Yellowstone.”

“Thank you @bgcofbroward and @alligatorronbergeron for having us last night at your fundraiser,” Cynthia captioned the post. Check out the photo below and tell us if you’d recognize Rip Wheeler at the event.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Preps for Season 5 With New Pic

Earlier this week, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser did some digging and found an old sepia photo of the cast. In the pic, we see Hauser hanging out with Kelly Reilly, Forrie J. Smith, Ryan Bingham, Jake Ream, and others. It’s an epic throwback that shows just how far the show has progressed since then.

“Found this pic of a bunch of us from S1 in #montana,” Cole Hauser captioned the post. “@yellowstone has come a long way. Thanks to all you loyal fans that have been a part of it from the beginning! S5 is coming.”

And we can’t wait for it. We know Season 5 production begins this May, but we’re not quite sure when the new episodes will air on Paramount. Unlike previous seasons, this one will have 14 episodes split into two parts, with seven episodes each. Part 1 will definitely air in 2022, likely in the fall. But some wonder if we’ll get it in late summer, and Part 2 late in the fall or in early 2023. Fingers crossed, “Yellowstone” fans.