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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Wife Reminds Everyone That She and Her Twin Are Nearly Impossible to Tell Apart With New Pic

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage for BWR Public Relations)

Cynthia Hauser, the wife of “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser, is the twin sister of actress Brittany Daniel and it’s tough to tell the two apart.

Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, a fan favorite on “Yellowstone,” and he’s been present since the first season. Fans are excited to see Hauser return as Rip later this year when the fourth season arrives. Away from the set, Cole and Cynthia have a young and growing family. Both Cole and Cynthia are quite active on social media and love sharing their latest adventures with their fans and followers. The couple has two teenage boys and a young daughter that keeps them on their toes. During the “Yellowstone” offseason, the Hauser family takes full advantage of their downtime. Both Cole and Cynthia love keeping “Yellowstone” fans apprised of their comings and goings. During the offseasons, they have done everything from fishing to skiing to camping. They even managed to get a few flying lessons as well.

Recently, it was Cynthia’s turn to share as she took to social media to post a photo of her and her sister spending some quality family time together. As you can see in the Instagram photo, the identical twins deeply enjoy each other’s company.

“Love ya sis!” Cynthia Hauser writes in the social media post.

Her twin sister was the person to respond to the Instagram photo, returning the love to Cynthia.

“Awww. I love and miss you too!” Brittany Daniel says in response.

In another photo posted earlier this week, Cynthia Hauser shares a photo of her and Cole’s three young children.

“All my babies together,” she writes next to a heart emoji.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Returning as Rip Wheeler

While the Hauser family took full advantage of the “Yellowstone” offseason, Cole recently went back to work. Filming for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” wrapped up earlier this year. “Yellowstone” gossip suggests that filming for the fifth season of the hit Paramount Network series could begin soon.

“Yellowstone” fans are eager to see what season four has in store for Rip Wheeler. From the recently released trailers, we know that Rip is the first person to come upon John Dutton. John, Rip’s employer and future father-in-law, has just been shot in the chest by unknown gunmen. Rip begs John to hang on to dear life long enough for help to arrive.

Will Rip be able to save John Dutton’s life or will his father figure die right in front of him? It is one of the biggest questions as we head into the fourth season of “Yellowstone,” which will premiere its first episode on November 7.