‘Yellowstone’ Star Dave Annable Shares Hilarious Video About His Return to the Show

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” fans were shocked but delighted to see Dave Annable reprise his role as Lee Dutton, the eldest child of John Dutton.

Lee, unfortunately, died in the first episode of the first season a few years back. His death propelled the storyline forward, though we were sad to see him go. We didn’t really expect to see Annable as Lee again except for sporadic flashback sequences. But Annable returned to “Yellowstone” for the Season 4 finale in a totally different context.

He came back as a ghost. Or at least, a bad spirit pretending to be his ghost.

His younger brother Kayce Dutton participated in a Native American ceremony called “Hanbleceya,” or “cry for a vision.” After sitting out in the Montana winter for a night or two with no food or water, Kayce “saw” his dead brother Lee. But it was all a nightmare, with Lee trying to attack Kayce and enter the sacred space created by the ceremony.

Though he only returned to “Yellowstone” for this brief scene, Annable was glad to be back on the show. He took to Instagram earlier today to share a hilarious video about a wardrobe malfunction during his return.

“When I got asked to come back — very grateful for it, ‘Yellowstone’ –costumes called me and I said, ‘Yeah think I’m just basically the same size as I was a couple years ago,'” Annabe said in the video. Then he panned the camera down to show his unbuckled pants, which did not look like they were gonna close. He panned the camera back up to his face and made a distressed/sad expression.

“Guess who’s back? Apparently slightly ‘healthier’ than the first go around. Couldn’t love this show more and everyone involved. What did you think of the season 4 finale? #yellowstone #leelives #kindof,” Annable captioned the post.

Several Celebrities Support Dave Annable’s Return to ‘Yellowstone’

Dave Annable’s return to “Yellowstone” did not go unnoticed by some big-name fans. Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer commented on his post, “Loved seeing you!!!!!” Meaning, she watches “Yellowstone” regularly enough to appreciate seeing him in the episode. Holy cow.

Spencer and Annable co-starred on the ABC dramedy “Red Band Society” together in 2014-2015. But other celebrities also hopped on the “Yellowstone” star’s comments, including “The Sopranos” actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler. “I love you,” she wrote with laughing face emojis.

“We were so excited to see you!” fellow actress Anna Wood wrote. Ryan McPartlin just put a cowboy emoji, while “Mayor of Kingstown” actor Andrew Howard just posted a heart emoji.

Who knew that Lee Dutton had so many Hollywood friends? While we all wish Annable had more screen time, we have to appreciate the performances he’s put in for his (few) “Yellowstone” appearances.