‘Yellowstone’ Star Dave Annable Joining ‘Walker’ in Recurring Role

by Anna Dunn

Yellowstone actor Dave Annable is joining Walker in a recurring role. Annable played the small yet important role of Lee Dutton on the hit series. Now, he’s joining Walker on the CW. There’s no official word on if Annable will return to Yellowstone for season 4, which airs this November on Paramount.

Walker stars Jared Padalecki and is a re-imagining of the classic Walker, Texas Ranger series originally on CBS. Padalecki plays Cordell Walker, who returns home to Austin, Texas after being undercover for two years.

There, he discovers there’s plenty more work to be done. According to Deadline, Annable will play Dan Miller. Dan Miller is Denise’s incredibly confident and loyal husband. He’s fiercely protective of his wife and it doesn’t look like he’ll be a fan of Cordell. He agrees with the Davidson’s mistrust of the Walker family.

He’ll appear on the show right when it returns in the first episode of season 2. Annable hasn’t just appeared on Yellowstone. The actor has an extensive resume. With roles on The Mick, This is Us, Ben & Kate, and other projects, Annable is joining Walker with plenty of experience.

Padalecki runs the show with his role on Walker, but he became recognizable with his role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural. With a rabid fanbase and 15 seasons under its belt, the show launched the actor into stardom.

Padelecki now stars in Walker alongside his wife, Genevive, who he first met when they worked together on Supernatural. Genevive plays Emily.

‘Walker’ Star Jared Padeleki Discussed What It’s Like to Work with His Wife

When making Walker, Jared Padalecki was thrilled to include his wife. His wife had a very small role on Supernatural, only appearing in a handful of episodes in the earlier parts of the series. In an interview with People, Padeleki talked about how exciting it was to be working with her again.

“She sacrificed so much while I was in Vancouver [shooting Supernatural.] She was home a lot with the kids, changing diapers and making lunches. So getting her back out with people with similar passions and interests was awesome to see. It’s good to flex those muscles again!” he said.

Genevieve Padalecki was equally as excited about the opportunity. Apparently, the two were celebrating their anniversary in park city when Jared got a call. When he came back into the room, he asked Genevieve how she’d feel about playing his wife.

“The story didn’t matter,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. “I was able to be a part of that journey and also be alongside my husband, so it really felt like a no-brainer.”

If you want to catch Walker’s return, there’s not too much longer left to wait. The show will air on Thursday, October 28 at 8 EST on the CW.