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‘Yellowstone’ Star Dave Annable Sends Daughter to 1st Day of School With Message That’ll Hit Every Parent Right in the Heart

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Yellowstone‘s own Dave Annable is seeing his daughter off to kindergarten with the most pitch-perfect photo of any parent ever.

When it comes to Annable, it’s been a while for Yellowstone fans. His character Lee, the oldest Dutton sibling, *spoiler alert* died in the first season of the show, and many a fan have missed him ever since. Thankfully, we can still keep up with the actor via his official Instagram.

While Annable often shares adorable looks into his family, Wednesday brings a particularly precious – yet heart-wrenching – snapshot. It’s a simple photo that perfectly captures the feeling of sending your little one off to school for the very first time. That’s right, Yellowstone‘s Dave Annable and wife Odette are seeing their tiny daughter, Charlie, off to kindergarten. It’s the big day!

“And so it begins… #kindergartener #yesicried #duh,” Annable captions the post. Which, unsurprisingly, lets us know that this dad cried seeing his little on go off to her very first day of school – as any real man would!

Check out the shot for yourself below, courtesy of the Yellowstone star’s official Instagram, and see what we mean:

“Go get ‘em Charlie Mae!” says one fan, a sentiment echoed by many.

‘Yellowstone’s Dave Annable is the Ultimate Dad

If you didn’t know already, Yellowstone alum Dave Annable is not only a father, but a massive hockey fan and player himself. As such, another of his latest posts shows he’s getting little Charlie Mae ready for a life on the ice like dad!

This August 9th photo from the Lee Dutton actor shows he and his wife, fellow actor Odette Annable, are “back on the ice” with daughter Charlie. It’s another great snapshot that is pitch perfect both in simplicity and it’s everyday demeanor. Her parents may be famous actors, but to Charlie, they’re just mom and dad! And that is exactly what Annable’s photos portray.

“Only thing missing was people firing pucks at me. #goalielife,” Dave posted to his official Instagram that Monday. We see him sporting a NJ Devils jersey – a team that holds a whole lot of meaning for the longtime hockey fan.

“Charlie is her daddy’s twin!!” a Yellowstone fan comments of their precious family photo. “Start her early!” another follower says. They must know Dave’s affinity for hockey!

“You’ve been one of my fave actors since B&S, and now learning this, I adore you even more!” adds another excited Yellowstone fan. “My 11 year old son has been a goalie for three years, which ironically is about how long I’ve had my Xanax prescription,” she reveals.

TMI, random fan. TMI. But Outsider wishes all the best to tiny Charlie in both kindergarten and hockey – and everything else to follow!